Income Inequality

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If ever there were a place for the liberal argument regarding income inequality, it has to be applicable to the Bradley Center and request for a new arena. The taxpayers of the city and the surrounding counties are once again being asked to foot the bill for another sports venue. While people like Herb Kohl is sitting with hundreds of millions of dollars in his pockets, he feels absolutely no obligation to kick in any money for a new arena. As of today, I believe he still owns the team. The Milwaukee Bucks are also all millionaires. As are the coaches. Yet the taxpayers and middle class citizens are silent while being coerced into agreeing to raising their taxes and my taxes to pay for such a stadium. I often find it hard to understand for people to not pose a question on why they are obligated to build a workplace for a bunch of underachieving millionaires. The Milwaukee Bucks have the worst record in the NBA. Not that it matters, but why should the taxpayers agree to paying for this corporate welfare while the rest of our infrastructure such as schools and streets could make better use of the same amount of money? But when it comes to sports, people forget to raise the issue that this is also corporate welfare. These greedy 1%ers feel absolutely no obligation to evening knowledge what regular citizens are being requested of. But if this happens in the corporate world, people would take to the streets and feel justified. At the very least, it should be close to the same argument. In addition, what kind of wages are the people working inside this new arena going to received as a work again? Will they be making at least $15 an hour? Are they guaranteed health care coverage? Are they making a living wage in which to support their families? Compare this to what any of the Milwaukee Bucks and the coaching staff are earning and tell me if that's fair.

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