Let's Go To the Video

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After a dozen years of fighting a war to make the world safe from terrorism, the liberal media is now beginning their campaign to make Iowa safe for Hillary. 60 min. has recently produced a story in an effort to get the viewer to believe that Susan Rice is hard-working, honest, and just putting it all on the line for the administration. More recently, the New York Times is produced a story trying to convince us dumb Americans that the attack on Benghazi was a result of a video. Again? Didn't we at least get to the point where we had a consensus that whatever video they were referring to was not the catalyst in the attack on the Consulate? Now, we have to exonerate Hillary. We have to exonerate Susan Rice. We have to exonerate any Democrats that are running for office either next year or in 2016. Although there slogan is, "whoever lies first, lies best." If it is repeated enough, people will believe it. Whether it's true or not. I shake my head in disgust because it's too unfortunate that people who want to become part of the ruling class thinks so little of the general American public. It's too bad that we are regarded as being so stupid. To paraphrase the Reverend Wright: God bless America? No, no, no, no, no. God help America.

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