The American Dream becoming a nightmare

Yes, it is nice to blow horns, throw confetti, and celebrate the coming of a new year.  However, for more and more Americans, this is not a time for celebrating.  The future looks less secure, less hopeful, and certainly less just.  America has hit the skids, and it is Americans who are causing it.

While history records greed among the early American industrialists like Ford, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, etc., there is absolutely nothing to equal the greed and selfishness of today's wealthy.  Equality in the U.S. is quickly vanishing.  Fairness in the economy is gone.  The American Dream is evolving as a nightmare.  The hope that existed in most American homes of the 20th century has been buried by an avalanche of "me first," selfish, greed-laden conservatives.  It is never enough for today's wealthy.  Having more material wealth than one could ever spend is not enough.  More, more, more!

It is not subtle.  It is brazen.  Today's greed has no fear of being revealed, it is open and unforgiving.  What wealth does not bring for a wealthy man, he can buy via politics.  Democracy left the U.S. some time ago.  The future belongs to those who purchase it.  The rest of us can go to hell.  And many of us are.

Ethics?  Gone.  Morals?  Vanished.  Sharing?  A thing of the past.  Empathy?  Missing in action.  Compassion?  Not in the U.S.  Love?  Huh? 

If war is the highway to riches, then the military-industrial empire of the United States will go to war.  If current tax breaks for the wealthy are not enough, then we will buy the votes to get more.  If the poor require expenditures of tax money, then we shall cut off taxes for this purpose.  If health care for the poor is too expensive for the "have's," then we will limit adequate health care only to those who can afford it.  If the popular vote in the U.S. has a majority voting for progressives, then we shall re-district so conservatives get elected outside of democracy.

This is America today.  But it is yet not enough.  Greedy conservatives are planning to cut all tax expenditures that go to the underserved.  Tax money will be focused on spending for those actions and activities that make money for the wealthy [e.g. war].  Progressive tax structures will be considered quaint programs of the past.  We are entering a new age, the age of the wider and wider span between the wealthy and the poor.  If you never rub elbows with someone poor, it is easier to just ignore them or forget them.  Any charitable endeavors will be widely broadcast and used as an advertising tool.  Charity for charity sake is gone.  We need to pass laws that get rid of all this riff-raff, and focus on those who have wealth....and somehow, miraculously, a portion of it will "trickle-down" [though this has never happened, has never been proven, and never will].

We are re-writing even the meaning of words.  Liberal is a very bad word.  Social democracy will now be seen as socialism.  Successful industry is now what can be done for profit in foreign nations with slave wages and slave conditions.

This is your America today.  Happy New Year!

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