How much of a stooge & sucker are you?

It is time for American voters to grow up.  As I converse with and read comments about the political environment in the U.S. today, I am astounded at how little voters know.  That is not a comment from some self-appointed expert, it is a comment from a man who knows how desperately we need informed voters if we are to save our democracy.

The political process in the U.S. is now bought and sold.  Sure, one can turn to the rare place where money is not buying an office, but in general we are like little puppets or trinkets who are being bought and sold. Yes, both political parties are engaged in it.  But the overwhelming amount of money spent directly and indirectly in each election comes from right-wing greed. 

It should not surprise us that the Republican Party is becoming known as the No-Nothing Party.  They are saying "no" to just about every progressive idea brought forward in America.  If the right-wing in the U.S. suspects a liberal-progressive movement is gaining ground, there is an avalanche of money available to stop it.  The real bad schemers are those whose bigotry and greed is so exaggerated that they would kill the democratic process in America to achieve their own greedy ends.  The stagnation of the political process in Washington is seen by the right-wing as preferable to a move to a progressive agenda. 

So, what are we left with?  People are working full time jobs and do not bring home enough money to live even a paltry existence.  Workers are paid so little and this then happens, and then the right-wing criticizes these workers for needing food stamps and other assistance.  It is a "catch-22" situation.

We have full time workers who cannot afford health insurance, and we then criticize these same unfortunate people for having to use emergency rooms instead of going to a regular physician procedure.  It is a "catch-22" situation.

We have promotions that tell women not to abort unwanted pregnancies.  And when the children are born, we criticize these same women for needing assistance from government programs.  It is a "catch-22" situation.

We have a  right-wing promotion that tells us there is a voter fraud rampant in the U.S.  Every study and poll give clear indication that this is not true and that voter fraud is a fraud charge in itself.  Nevertheless, the right-wing wants people to have to show driver's licenses or other forms of GOVERNMENT identification that cannot be afforded by the poor, or are an inconvenience to acquire for workers.  These poor or minorities mostly vote for candidates of the more sympathetic Democrat Party, and therefore it is a way for the right-wing to limit democracy and win more elections.  It is a "catch-22" situation that could destroy democracy here. 

I encourage you to compare the tax benefits and other freebies given to the rich and to corporate America with those you receive.  Repeat: do you get all the tax dodges that corporations get?  How many of the growing very wealthy in America pay no income tax at all?  Is sharing one's great wealth in a progressive tax structure really "class warfare" or is it what is fair in a complex society?  Is your voice heard in the blaring propaganda that is broadcast by the wealthy?  What is happening to the American Dream?

Consider the above when you next vote.  Or do you feel the political process is so broken in America that you will not vote?  If you do not vote, or are not an informed voter, then American democracy is already dead.  Slowly you are being killed and it is only time until you will be embalmed in a right-wing tomb.

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