Who owns Washington D.C.?  It is as good a question about it as any.  If we were to start at the beginning we’d first of all have to define the beginning, like the “big bang” but by jumping into the middle, we place ourselves into today’s reality.  Is there someone, some organization, something that owns Washington?  Can Washington really be owned?


A question that might follow is, what is Washington?  If it is something that can be owned, it must be a reality, something that can be described.  Some might say that even if not a reality but an illusion, even illusions can be described.  In the short space of these few words we’ve already got around from answering the question, “who owns Washington?”


Well, first of all we must get to the validity or even the rationality of the question.  There we go again, moving away from the question, “of who owns?”  We could say that no one owns Washington. 


But nothing exists in today’s world that is not owned or cannot be owned.  Not only can we disagree with that statement within the framework of a question, the very concept of “ownership,” needs to the settled.


We might ask, who owns the Atlantic Ocean?  But when we speak of the ocean we point to a body of water, a known quantity within perimeters and known characteristics and even that is not owned.


Washington is more than mere a city.  It is a dynamic functioning organism beyond its city boundaries and more of all of what is visible.  It represents human thought about who we are and who we want to become, so can anybody own all that that is?


Some would point to the “declaration of independence and the Revolutionary War” as being part of it, then the Constitution and the “Bill of rights.”  And the concept of “equality,” all and each born equal and government of the people, by the people and for the people,” liberty, freedom and opportunity and the “right to pursue happiness.” 


Who owns all of those concepts that are Washington?


We all own them.  They come to us at birth.  We own them equally.  But those who we elect to congress to protect them, to invest in them for us have failed to ask themselves that question on a daily basis. 


Who owns what humanity has become and what America symbolizes?  Washington is a symbol to the world and congress has tarnished the symbol it was meant to protect and cherish.




These few people really are not concerned with ownership but only with breaking walls and what those walls hold.  This is their only task and without sophistication do not consider that the color and the light of democracy that passes through those windows is held by those very walls made up of our humanity.


We all own those walls that make up Washington and those walls contained in that city belong to the people.  But not to those people claiming Washington for themselves based merely on the few rash thoughts of ideologues whose unfounded beliefs have unfairly elected them to Congress. 


They are not owned by the undeserving, those of such limited intellect that gives them pride in their bungling stupidity. 


Those bent on tearing down those walls do not own Washington and need soon to be evicted and removed, they with their destructive inclinations swaggering through the gracious halls of the fragileness of the democracy that they claim to love.


Those walls are on solid foundations developed by generations past.  We cannot translate the partisan hatred of our fathers into destructive energies and against what they collectively created.  Our fathers and mothers and our forefathers built those walls in order to pass the light of what they believed through those windows. 


Now, those who would pretend to own Washington or pretending to reclaim it as their own will destruct it as they support a falsity.  They will destroy it to acquire its ruins. 


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