What are we?  Who are we? 


God, of course was already there when I was born.  Did He create the human brain or did it create God?  Children were being born during the typhoon next to those who were dying.


The nature of man is formed by this earth.  Was the earth here when man arrived or was man derived from other forms already here?


Was it intended that a group of us, before I was born, would develop gas with which to kill another group of us?


The atomic bomb was being created by great minds while I was in foreign lands where gas had been used about three decades earlier.  We had ceased blowing heads off on that side of the planet.  Now while I’m preparing to return home, Truman drops two of those bombs on thousands of human beings on the other side of the planet.  Of course, justified. 


It resulted in my remaining on that side of the planet. Former soldiers falling in love with daughters of former enemies.  Loved them as dearly as those in our former neighborhoods in small towns of Iowa and Nebraska.  Europeans had never heard of such names as given these territories.


We went to church and prayed to the God who justified killing others of us in gas chambers because they didn’t believe in the same way although the same God.


Gas, fire, war, God, in the name of God.  Floods in the name of God.   A planet made of fire spewing out fire killing those daring to live nearby.  Once the earth, the Garden and the floods justifying the annihilation of the wicked. 


While being born equal was the sacred cry, those inscribing these words bought and sold slaves in this land of opportunity.  No opportunities for some, who were born equal but only three-fifths equal in the Constitution.  God made it easy to identify those 3/5’s human by painting “them” a distinctive color.


Today, that world of madness that makes sense to some people continues rational or not.  “The poor shall always be with us.”  And why?  While we argue the failure of computers replacing endless stacks of official documents, some of us scoop up money on the floor of the stock market, some die in natural Philippines



Some die reaching out for the aid of modern medicine that being born equal means. They cannot afford being born equal.  They are the ones, the poor that shall always be with us.  What is behind the meaning of “always be with us?”  What does the expression mean on the floor of the stock market?


Today the poor go to war, some die there and many die after returning to a land of those born equal.  A growing supply of the poor, the result of a smaller number growing excessively rich.


Born equal in a nation under God but on a planet made of fiery hot molten stone, some in the Garden and some among those who “shall always be with us.

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