Parties also change.


Democrats like to spend money, other people’s money, especially rich people’s money to build things that private enterprisers, especially Republicans hate.  They especially hate to pay taxes because taxes cost money.


So what Democrats do to build these things is to borrow money.  Over the years, we build a bigger and bigger debt.  Democrats like to develop programs that give money away to so-called “poor people.”  Poor people are not responsible people or hard working otherwise they wouldn’t be poor.


Therefore, Republicans love this country more than poor people and would go to war at the drop of a hat even if they have to borrow money to do so.  Beside most of the money goes to free enterprisers making munitions and the lazy poor do most of “boots on the ground” stuff.  And for those returning half-human, “tough luck” as they say in the army (they use another work for luck).


Now we know that some Democrats are in business but as enterprisers they would increase taxes to give to the poor, but these business people are in the minority and in each party.  This is a perhaps a tilted perspective of ideologies. 


If we can look at economics objectively separating it from ideology, we know that debts require payment.  Payment for social programs as well as for wars requires revenue and unless a nation is floating on oil as is Saudi Arabia is, revenue comes from taxes.  Debts do not get reduced by reduced spending, surplus revenue  is required for this purpose.  The poor have little money to pay taxes but the rich have plenty. But who likes paying taxes?


Building a health program requires a plan and an infrastructure and when put into operation it is expected work whether one likes the program or not.  Until an infrastructure is built and a plan is put into operation, whether it’s going to work is not known.  


So the Democrats managed to pass a health bill that is of course considered to be socialistic as socialistic as Social Security and Medicare.  The problem is that most Americans have learned to like these social programs without realizing that they’re socialistic.  And acceptance Obama Care is a potential danger if it really gets underway.  People may learn to like it.  And who’s going to pay for it?  Of course, the rich, they have excessive money.


We are warned that Uncle Sam with these socialist programs wants to get into everything, even under women’s dresses as indicated in some television ads, but not as far as Republicans are will to go with legislation in a number of States.


Paranoid Republicans believe that they have begun losing the war and are now turning to a movement of nullification.  Let’s nullify Obama care and even the election.  Their developing fear is more than irritating, it is maddening and they “aren’t going to take it any more.” 


They may secede from the union if they can’t nullify some of this un-American legislation.  Restriction of the rights of voters and Southernization of the party can be seen in States where so-called Tea Partiers are thriving.


To heck with this party of Lincoln stuff, lets take the ball and go home.  Perhaps this is the time to establish a third party, the Tea Party Conservatives. TPC opposed to GOP Republicans, Ted Cruz style.



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