Communication technology and today’s media has made it possible for the whole world to learn instantly of what goes on in the United States.


The world has learned that a group of about 30 people has taken over the Republican Party and are using it as a vehicle in their “mad as hell” psychological condition to destroy the government.


Their “Confederate” ideological expressions and display of that flag at their gatherings are hard indications that the Republican Party has yielded to the remaining underlying rumblings of a former civil war, seemly unfinished and fired by a declared urge and revolutionary action to secede from the Union no longer dominated by blued eyed light skins.


Generations have carried these feelings within them and have found expression and engender influence within a political party with similar overall general attitudes and goals.  Some analysts now refer to that party as “the party of the South.”


Yet it was the leader of that newly formed party, Abraham Lincoln, who as a Republican fought against secession.  Strangely enough, today, anti-unionist and ant-government types, those referring to themselves as “tea partiers” have found place at the leadership point of the party that once led the fight, against these general ideologies.


Political parties in other countries especially in the early 20th century were infected by induced ideologues of the “crazies” who eventual increased their following and took control of the government of their specific countries.


Historians throughout the world and especially in those countries have begun to wonder if there isn’t a beginning of similar “Europeanization” of some these political processes in the United States today. 


The swastika and the Confederate flag are being seen more openly and not only as tattoos on the foreheads, arms and chests of some prisoners shown on TV.  


The two symbols are not only emblematic of disorder but demonstrations of a righteous belief in a perceived new order.


Given various visual and political expressions it seems that there are many who seem harmless on the fringe ready to follow those already ensconced in the “Grand Old Party.”   


Now, some Tea Partiers in the Congress who feigned coyness or screened their presence are proudly coming out or expressing their political inclinations. 


One seems to seek their leadership by attacking his own party.  Now the danger is more apparent, even to the most loyal members of the GOP.   Now is time for the split, if the Party of Lincoln is to remain true to its basic beliefs.       

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