Our belief. 

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all humanity is created by God and therefore sacred and that all are equally endowed with the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that God has none more favorable endowed.   


Based on beliefs in these our god given rights, it becomes necessary that every human being be given an equal start in life and receive the basis for living in the modern world and the basis for pursuing happiness.    


This cannot be accomplished today without appropriate health care from conception and all the education that each mind deserves from early youth throughout life in order to contribute to the nation that we are.


The pursuit of happiness in today’s society also requires the financial means for living.  Working the land or a lifetime factory job is no longer the norm.     


In order to move in new directions that would provide the means for earning a living and pursuing happiness, the Swiss have proposed what would amount to approximately $3,000 per month be made available to every citizen of eighteen years and older, in other words, an approximate $35,000 per year living floor for each individual adult.


In our terms these accepted rights and the proposals based on the fundamental and self-evident beliefs of patriotic and religious Americans have shaped our society and will continue to do so.   


Some of these goals have been implemented over long periods of time.  Today’s younger generation do not know what life would be without this underlying social base.


Public education has evolved over the years under our own initiative and with some borrowed ideas from other countries.  Social Security and Medicare are well established programs that at one time would not appear to be possible. 


New financial methods are required with the changing times, relieving business of some of its direct financial and social support and required services. 


New ways for earning a living have developed in the past and so they will in the future.  New ways for financing the required overall elements of our evolving society shall also be found. 


For every human being is a creature of God, endowed with god given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  On the other hand, accumulated possessions and riches become burdensome in making it through “the eye of the needle.”



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