Many politicians, especially in Washington, D.C. hold hidden disrespect for whoever is in the office that even they may be seeking, even if he is of their own party.   Of course, many are driven by their hunger for power that seems to consume the most ambitious of them.


The president stands as one individual, even his vice president cannot detract from the authority of the leader of such an important country.   The leader of Senate and especially the Speaker of the House of Representative may somewhat rival the power of the presidency but at a lower level and during short moments of time.


The president’s power is steady, powerful and inestimable and he is unique.  He is not one in a hundred or one in five hundred and he is already president, no longer only seeking the highest office.


However, he can be pointed to as one individual, the most powerful in the nation and as evil and with destructive powers or as benevolent and constructive.  The president’s critics seeking that power are of course the most honorable of human beings.


Some not so honorable will shout publicly that he is a liar or even that he is dumb, even a killer of children.  More recently, it is claimed that a congressional colleague overheard another say to the president while his guest in the white house that he could not stand to see his face.


Removed disrespect is not always the order of day.  Nor are elected and unelected politicians always the most honorable and discrete.


It cannot be said the politicians can ever be highly regarded as a profession.  A democracy should not regard politicians as a profession.  They should be short term and temporarily representatives of the people for as professionals their agendas are not those of the people.


 Can we identify or authenticate the individuals in Congress who really represent the people? 



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