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Jesus said that “the poor shall always be with us” and that the rest of us have some obligation toward their welfare.


The Swiss have taken this obligation quite seriously and are proposing paying each adult citizen approximately $2800 per month.  This more than simplifies the maintenance of the various welfare programs if the proposal is approved.  I’m assuming that this program would be in addition to their socialized health system. 


Switzerland has been a rather prosperous country for many years and has the resources to support such a program. 


The program must also be paid for however by people with money, those who want to enter the kingdom through the eye of the needle, those who would give up some of their excessive riches for this purpose, as Jesus suggested.


In modern economic terms, this requires a well-functioning progressive income tax system, where the rich pay progressively more than the not so rich, a sharing in the wealth of the nation. 


A program, if adopted directed toward the “re-distribution of wealth,” as today’s economist would put it.  Such a system may eliminate the requirement of a minimum hourly pay rate.


I think that income-redistribution is what Jesus had in mind.  The Swiss seem to be formalizing what Jesus requested and aiding the rich to more easily pass through the eye of the needle.  


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