Whatever Happened to ...???

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Now that our latest budget and fiscal crisis is behind us nationally, the Democrats are taking victory laps believing that they have completely humiliated Republicans, conservatives, and anybody else they consider to be opposition. So, let's do a little follow-up. Let's see if the all-powerful, all-knowing, complete package Democrats have answers now to questions previously unanswered:

Whatever happened to Benghazi? Are we ever do get answers about why there was such a lapse in security in Libya? Will we ever find out why the talking points were so stupid that were repeated so many times to the American people? And why weren't the American people stupid enough to take their answers without question? Americans seem to be quite gullible about other things such as Obamacare.

Whatever happened to the IRS scandal? When it first came out, President Obama was adamant that he is not going to allow that kind of activity from the IRS that discriminates against a certain group of people. Even if they were conservatives. But a week later, Obama was calling this a phony scandal. So we can conclude that the administration is going to discriminate against Republicans and conservatives as public enemy number one. We know that President Obama does not want opposition so he works to eliminate opposition. He hates his enemies even after he beats them. President Obama doesn't even have to have his hand in the actual action of denying these 501(c) 4 organization's because he has enough of his followers that will gladly do it for him. What a great example for the children.

Whatever happened to pivoting to the economy? With new ways to figure how much unemployment we have in this country, the statistics can be manipulated enough so that unemployment continues a downward spiral. And if we don't look at how many people are being added to social security disability in the huge increase in food stamps, things are looking pretty good. Things are looking so good, the administration can continue to blame George Bush.

Whatever happened to the situation in Syria? The Obama administration's approach to foreign-policy is that if you dawdle around enough and long enough, the situation might take care of itself.  Perhaps the president should loan his Nobel Peace Prize to Vladimir Putin.

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