Bring the Pain

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How can anyone discount the vindictiveness and contempt that this administration is now showing towards the American people? The government shutdown is not the first time that this is been demonstrated. President Barack Obama wants to make any interaction with the government during the shutdown as painful as possible. And for what reason?

Barack Obama was supposed to be the president who bridged the differences in American life. In 2008 he pledged to reach across the aisle and work with Republicans. Has he? Not too often. The Obama administration is supposed to be so liberal that they are accommodating to all groups that had been ridiculed and persecuted in the past. But Republicans are different story. Anytime there's a Republican in the mix, we know that the rhetoric of intolerance will be coming. Bipartisanship has never been demonstrated. The president doesn't seem to know or want to know how to work with people of other party. He just doesn't want to be opposition, he wants to eliminate it. He wants Republicans to go and be gone.

The president's big gamble is that the American people are going to be blaming the Republicans for the government shutdown. And if he can make that is painful as possible, he believes that he is convincing American public that the Republicans are to blame for the government shutdown. Whether it is true or not, it is perception that the administration wants to be reality.

I've never seen a president who is demonstrated such malice towards some of the citizens think he is the president of. is he looking for a legacy? is he looking for compromise? He is certainly not looking for  negotiations. The only way to negotiate with Democrats is to abandon your principles and cave-in. I that what we want in America? Everybody thinking the same? Evidently, the Democrats do.  That way, if everybody is thinking alike, we won't have to put the extra effort in for anyone who may have a different idea than our own. No one will be thinking.

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