Congressional Republicans: here is a constructive suggestion...

The United States Congress is deadlocked.  While both sides are to blame for the horrible inadequacy of our federal legislature, the Republicans are amazingly locked into delighting in the inadequacy and inaction.  The Republican members of the House and Senate seem to have a simple and clear agenda:

1) Stop Obamacare at all costs.....ALL costs.

2) Focus on singular issues that pale compared to our major legislative problems...[Benghazi]

3) Don't allow the current President of the United States to get any positive action through Congress.

Much of this seemingly ignorant focus is tied to the big money the GOP legislators represent as puppets and lackies.   Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Military-Industrial war-for-profit machine, etc. are typical.

Sometimes in defense of their greedy stances and their dedication to handcuffing the federal government , the right-wing legislators will point to the federal government itself as to blame for all the problems.  Instead of trying to fix the problems, they would rather complain and complain and complain and stop everything in its tracks.  Psst: the Republican legislators ARE a big part of the federal government.  How about giving an example of the bureaucratic mistakes in the federal government ...and how it could be fixed...

The U.S. Congress has jurisdiction over the Department of Homeland Security.  This bureaucratic mess was created duirng the administration of George W. Bush.  Republican legislators were eager to make this Department their own.  They wanted to be seen as protecting Americans.  However, this mess in the Dept. of Homeland Security is caused in large measure by the Congress itself.  Congress does a terrible job of overseeing this Department.

You may not know this, but instead of being checked, scanned, questioned, etc. as you try to  board an airplane in the U.S., the Dept. of Homeland Security does not check people going onto private planes.  A passenger and/or pilot of a private plane could fly over Chicago and hand-drop bombs on the city or do all sorts of terrorism.  Congress should tighten up on this, but not many Congresspersons even know about this.  They would rather complain than fix their own problem.  They just want to "look" as though they are protecting you.  For another example...

As you drive 30 miles north of the Mexican border, on a highway that never touches Mexico, U.S. citizens, on their way to work, are regularly stopped as though they are crossing a border.  The U.S. citizens complain, and some evern try to ignore questions about their citizenship over and over and over and over and over, day after day after day after day.  It is senseless, but it makes the Dept., under Congress, LOOK as though they are protecting you from illegal immigrants and terrorists.

Tell Senator Ron Johnson to get over his hang-up about Benghazi and begin to do something FOR you and the U.S.  I very much doubt he even knows a darn thing about the items I list above.  He is listed as one of the leading Conservatives in Congress, and as a dolt by those who objectively KNOW about his inadequacies and inablilities.   He keeps fighting to save you tax money [he says], but he has no clue about the intricacies of running Congress and the United States of America.  He didn't seem to mind the federal government spending money when he got business help from the national treasury to make money as a businessman. 

Let Senator Ron Johnson and the right-wingers in our government know of your feelings about their deceptions, lies, distortions, exaggerations, and lack of knowledge.  The people of the United States and the State of Wisconsin deserve better than the likes of Ron Johnson.  Speak up!

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