Same eyes, different world

Yes, I'm opinionated.  Yes, it comes through in my speeches, interviews, and writings.  Without being too hard on myself, I think I often offer objective attempts at making sensible statements.  But one sees the world as it appears to him/her "regularly."  White is white, black is black, red is red, yellow is yellow, etc.

And so I have observed my world through the usual set of eyes.  And drew my conclusions mostly based on what I saw.  That's fair, isn't it?  Is it?

So, for decades now I have seen the world through my old, reliable set of eyes.  Oh, I had eyeglasses prescribed and adapted through the years.  But I walked, ran, drove, flew, etc. with the eyes that got me to where I wanted to go usually.

Recently it was observed by an eye surgeon/physician that I had cataracts.  And it was suggested I have them removed through surgery.  Somewhat reluctantly I agreed.  Through the waiting for a surgical date I pondered with some fear the upcoming surgery.  Dozens of people told me it was no big deal having cataract removal surgery these days.  "It takes about ten or fifteen minutes.  No big deal."  Well, it was a big deal and then some.  And it took longer than ten or fifteen minutes.  The eye seemed to be drowned in pre-surgery.  Eye drops were placed in my eye over and over and over. 

Following surgery, there was the blurred vision in the eye which had the surgery.  One day.  The next day, I awoke, took off the eye patch, and found a world totally different than I had experienced the day before.   The whites were much whiter, objects were seen with much crisper vision.  In truth, I hardly recognized this new world.  Colors were more vibrant.  The world simply was a brighter and more vivid place.  It was transformational.

Now, as I wait for awhile to have the other eye surgically treated as well, I have time to ponder some long-held opinions and viewpoints.  I suppose basic precepts will remain the same, but not so assuredly.  I am moved by this new vision to re-think some things.  Of course each of us should do this from time to time.  But we don't.  We are comfortable [and lazy] in our old mental costumes.  The pre-surgical costumes were duller and less clear.  Hmmm.  What do I know now that is different than before?  Time to think about all this.

Could eye surgery not only change the vibrancy and clarity of colors and objects, but wake me up to think some things through?  Fresh eyes, fresh perspective?  We shall "see."  I've been shaken to a new place, a place where some things will no longer simply be taken for granted.  This old geezer has had a mental re-birth and it feels good.  I hope I hold onto doing periodic evaluations and get out of the laziness and comfort zone of just carrying on as always without stopping to take a fresh, objective look.  Stay tuned.

Off the mental hammock periodically because that only allows me to see between the two trees.  I hope to make an effort to consider and re-consider things related to politics, religion, the arts, ad infinitum


Acknowledgement and appreciation for the study, experience and skill of Daniel Paskowitz, M.D., Ph.D.

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