Guns a problem? Do ya think?

Allow me to begin my discussion about guns by clearly stating: guns do not show a man to be any more of a man.  Guns, in fact, cover up for many men and their hidden, inner feelings of inferiority.  In many cases, guns become a "penis extension."  But let's look at what is happening to us as a nation because of guns...

Children gunned down in schools.  Sikhs gunned down by some right-wing Nazi nut.  People in a movie house to watch a film and are gunned down.  University students gunned down on campus.  And each day, hundreds and hundreds of individuals are gunned down, more than in any place on the planet.  Do you think we may have a problem?  Huh?  Do ya think?

Now we have schools hiring armed guards to protect the schoolkids from gun nuts.  We have NRA goofs telling teachers to carry guns in school.  We have gun-safe items installed in schools.  And, yes, it is true, a market has developed for school items for little children that protect them from bullets.  We have items to be put in little children's backpacks that can be used as shields from bullets at school.  You think we have a gun problem in the good ole USA?

There are gun organizations that fight to prevent any move to limit the amount of ammunition one can get for a gun.  And these same gun advocates see it as perfectly normal to have assault rifles and rifles that have scores of rounds to fire at one loading.  And background checks on gun purchases are seen by gun nuts as a hidden government plot to overthrow democracy in America [as though our democracy is not challenged by gun proliferation!].  Do ya think we may have a gun problem in the U.S.?  Huh?

Guns are altering our way of life in the U.S.  Other civilized, industrialized societies are not faced with this as we are in the U.S.  We have a gun epidemic in America.  Gun advocates fight to over-rule your individual safety.  It is not a matter of enforcing current gun laws.  Most law enforcement leaders are for various forms of gun control and regulation.  In short, today's gun advocates are practicing a form of insanity that tells us to keep doing what we are doing to protect gun ownership and somehow, someway things will be OK.  Do ya think we may have a gun problem in the U.S.?  Do ya think?

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