REPublican: REPulsive, REPugnant, REPrehensible...

Published on: 8/8/2013

There was a time when the Republican Party held to sincere principles, and they were not clouded only by greed, special interests, class warfare, dishonesty, anti-democratic actions, etc.  Yes, I realize that what I'm about to write may have some generalizations.  But the truth is closer than we realize.  We are nearing a dangerous edge in which we may lose our democracy ...or what's left of it.  Today's Republicans are far too often engaged in this sort of action...

Greed has been turned into a new religion.

War corporations and Big Pharma in the U.S. hold tremendous power over our economy and legal system.

Guns rule, and not for anything related to the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

Amazing amounts of money pour into right-wing politicians who vote for greed and special interests.

Labor unions are targeted for oblivion because workers are losing more and more rights everyday in the USA.

Workers must toe the company line or jobs will be moved to foreign nations where slave working conditions and wages prevail.

Any excuse [economic, religious, technicalities, etc.] are used to keep women "in their place."

Voting jurisdictions and qualifications are drawn to favor the right-wing.  The losers are the poor, minorities, women, and any group with leanings toward the Democrat Party.

Very reluctantly, the right-wing is starting to pay some attention to immigration laws and requirements.  It is primarily getting attention because voting blocs were lost by the Republicans in the last national election because of anti-immigration stance of Republicans.  Immigrants are too often seen as sub-human by the right-wing, and their only value is seen as working for slave wages at jobs no American wants.  Greed prevails over immigration morals and ethics.

U.S. foreign policy is supported when it gives contracts or non-contracts to greed and war corporations.

The right-wing has made a mockery of all religions and has re-formulated them for greed and avarice.

Addenda: that is but a tiny example of the unbridled selfishness and avarice of the new right-wing.  Almost any major decision supported by right-wing politicians today has its genesis in the mind and greed of some wealthy corporate or individual aim.  If war and guns make money, let's have lots of it.  And our tax structure gives amazing benefits to the wealthy in America.  The chasm between the rich and poor grows bigger and bigger and bigger in the U.S.  And the right-wing will do everything possible to protect the current immoral and unethical state of affairs in the United States of America.