Illegalities follow Scott Walker

The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.  The reign in Wisconsin falls mainly around Scott Walker.

The John Doe investigation absolutely surrounded Scott Walker's stint as Milwaukee County Executive, and had some of his chosen staff going to prison.  Data and evidence strangely disappeared from computers.  The number of people found guilty on his staff was alarming.  You don't suppose there were illegal activities going on, do you?  You don't suppose that county staff were doing campaigning for Scott while they were being paid with tax money, do you?  You don't suppose.......well, you get the idea.

Next came a campaign promise offered by candidate for Governor, the honorable Scott Walker.  He would increase the employment total in Wisconsin by 250,000 jobs.  We won't knit-pick whether the promise was for 4 years or 5 years.  We won't nit-pick if so far he has added 5,000 or 6,000 new jobs.  That's close enough for the right-wing puppets and string-pullers of Scotty.

Certainly no one has the right to question Scott's increase of private schools [vouchers] who take the tax money from you and me, and seem to somehow overlook kids with disabilities.  Let the public schools take care of the kids with special needs.  We won't bother with that in the Scotty-world.

Who needs high-speed trains in Wisconsin?  We don't need to allow our state to be a part of future growth and economic success by having us a part of the national high-speed rail network.  Send the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars back to Washington.  We don't want that dirty money.  So what if we have already lost business because of this refusal by good-ole-Scott?  Let Scott put on an engineer's hat and drive one of the cute, old choo-choos himself.  Isn't he cute?  And, by the way, who needs good railroads when we are building roads for gas-guzzling cars ...and the big supporters of the Walker political campaign are the road-building industries? 

And now comes a new illegality in the Scott Walker camp.  Oops.  It seems to just follow him, poor guy.  This time they are picking on one of his creations for the future: an innovative group that will up-date the Ayn Rand plan for Wisconsin.  So, some money was misspent.  So, some laws were overlooked.  It never stopped the Republican state legislature from bending a few laws ...and doing it in secret.

You gotta hand it to Scott Walker and the right-wingers.  They hate government, and especially love to tell us how much waste there is.  Yet, they create a new bureaucracy that will clean things up, and somehow, someway poor Scott gets causht up again in illegalities.  The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. was  Scott's innovation to clean things up.  Problem is,an audit  found "basic stamdards in state law" were not followed.  Oops.  Three chiefs of this agency have already resigned, one after only 24 hours on the job.  Yet, the right-wingers now defend these actions.  Scotty is somehow not involved.  Huh?  Not involved???  C'mon, these illegalities seem to follow Walker around, clinging like a wet t-shirt.

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