"Odd ends and date-ups"

Some of you have once again begun to inquire why I do not allow comments to be printed regarding my blog.  I have explained that several times.  And before I stopped allowing comments to be printed, I appealed to readers to be more civil, and to stop berating others who commented.  The attacks on others who offered comments were vicious, ignorant, crude, sexist, and reflective of the Nazi-fascist stooges who still populate the U.S.  Even when I appealed for folks not to comment while I was in the hospital, that was only an opening for sadistic, Neanderthal, savage attacks.  So, after several warnings: the end.  You may read my blogs around June 27, 2011 (before and after) to get more detail on this.  I am sorry, and wish I could allow them.

The famous or infamous "sequester" has exposed the politicians of both parties for what they are: egotistical, selfish, greedy, self-absorbed cronies.  While the hurt from reductions in service in the federal budget are real, our "leaders" in Washington were never concerned about the cuts in education, or cuts in services to the underserved.  What bothered our spoiled little brats in Congress were the delays at airports!  You can take away art and music in schools, but don't let the privileged have any flight delays.  And they rushed through Congress changes that would not delay their own flights home.  They do not want to listen to complaints from the have's, but the have-nots can go to hell.

It is almost as though the recent increase in shootings around the nation are a strange phenomenon trying to tell our gutless Congressmen something.  Enact gun control legislation!  It is thought they would only listen if a rich, right-wing, power "adviser" experienced a death among his loved ones and had a change of heart.  It ain't gonna happen until the nation demands it.  Common sense will not be initiated by the Washington pols on their own.  Even the "ton of bricks" of Newtown, Oak Creek, Aurora, Congresswoman Gifford, and on and on and on and on were not enough.  How many thousands more have to die from guns?  Our war casualty numbers are small compared to the slaughter inside the U.S. by guns.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has a different take on the University of Wisconsin budget from day to day.  He has no clue about an appropriate reserve for emergencies for large institutions.  It would help if we could choose a Governor with a college education.  But anti-intellectualism seems to get the right-wing vote because this way they can control their stooges and lackies in office.

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