What are we learning?

We learn many things in each election.  I have chosen but a few that have been learned in recent year elections.  You probably have tons more.  We learn slowly, it seems.  And we seem to be easily bought by the money flowing into our long-failed, democratic process.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing I have observed is that the more egotistical the moral ground taken, the more immoral the politician.  Conservatives and right-wingers love to stick out their "pure" chest in an effort to show you how wonderfully moral they are.  [excuse my giggling]

The Governor of South Carolina tells his wife and the press that he is going hiking in the mountains.  Instead he sneaks away to be with his mistress in Argentina.  He is ousted from his position as Republican governor, loses his wife, and goes into hiding for a brief time.  He's back!  And he has great financial support from right-wingers as he runs for the House of Representatives.  All is forgiven.

Newt Gingrich, the prancing and parading moral politician has made a mockery of marital vows, and snuck around with young aides when he was married [all the while shouting about Clinton immorality].  Do I really have to list the indiscretions of Newt Gingrich?  He's had so many, surely you must have heard of a dozen or so.  And yet, he never lost his popularity with right-wingers.  Heck, he was invited into right-wing churches to tell them how to be a moral example.  [excuse me for gagging]  And he is still invited to right-wing gatherings as a highly-paid speaker.

And any number of right-wing leaders have made an about-face about gays when one of their own kids turned out to be healthy and gay.  Better late than never.  Of course their moral compass is still bent and unreliable.  They love to hate and discriminate.  Hooray for Dick Cheney!  [yuck]

Wisconsin just re-elected a state Supreme Court Justice who led the fight to allow the Court and the Justice to hear cases in which they had received generous donations from the accused.  Wisconsin no longer has jurisprudence, it has bought and paid Supreme Court justices and state Attorneys General who lie and distort truth.  Right-wing justice prevails in the high court.  Money talks in Wisconsin justice.

Are there Progressives who have tarnished moral records?   You bet there are.  But usually they are not as high and mighty in their deceptive pride, lies, and immorality.  Not only are many right-wingers not apologetic about their lies and immorality, they hold onto their leadership roles in the Republican Party.

Excuse me for reminding you how our democracy is sinking.  Excuse me for making your stomach turn.  What happened?  When will we ever learn / When will we ever learn?

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