Educational tweaking or Revolution?

Thanks for the many comments about my prior blog posting about the need for a revolution in American education.  Please don't jump to the conclusion that I know the answers.  I'm an old geezer who happens to know something about education, but I am only trying to open the door so we do something revolutionary to re-gain American prominence in education.  We are falling farther and farther behind.  It must be stated that a major reason for our decline is the way religious and right-wing anti-intellectuals have tried to foist their beliefs onto all Americans via education.  These sorts of ignorant and sinister intrusions stymie education.  They try to force religious mumbo jumbo into curriculum and further deny scientific principles.  This is anti-American.  God is correctly not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution.  Trying to inject creationism into the curriculum is religious.  Trying to deny climate change and global warming in the curriculum is religious.  Evolution and changes in climate are science.  Trying to mix the two has no place in American education.  Feel free to do that in your own religious circles, if you want, and that is fine and is American.  Making religion the law of the land or the basis of education is a religious forcefulness.  There will continue to be an ignorant group that will try to wedge God into education, and the prevention of such anti-intellectualism is a fight we all must undertake if we are to sustain our American democracy.

Your offerings were mostly little tweaks of the current system that I identified with the Industrial Revolution.  It is a totally outmoded system, and simply making classes smaller or year-around were still tied to the old, outmoded model.  We need to revolutionize our education model, not tweak it.  I am not a genius and so I do not have the answers, but there are people --intelligent people-- who are creative and know about educating children and adults, who should be given the power to overthrow the old models and come up with revolutionary ideas that would get education in the U.S. into the 21st century.  All this should be thrown into the hopper to be analyzed and re-formulated.  Creative thinking is needed about...

class size or even if we should have classes? time of day to learn?...who should lead the classes?...where should study take place? may we connect business and industry to the education system itself? may we develop creative thinking among young people? we need school buildings?...are college courses in Education for teachers of any real value?...what role does home-schooling play?...what democratic participation in local education is good and what is misled? should education be funded?...what role does current popular music have in the education of our children? may we best immerse kids into real-life situations so they may make correct vocational and career decisions? we sort out and compartmentalize too much in education [e.g. should American History and American Literature be taught together?]?...what role do institutions of higher learning play in the education of elementary and secondary students? can the proper use of language be taught and/or experienced? can the community help serve kids who come from social, educational, economic disadvantaged circumstances? tutoring helpful? much should be taught outside of a traditional classroom setting? can we best gain cooperation and understanding between children and adults of various ethnic, religious, racial backgrounds?...are there too many administrators in education today? do we properly utilize new technology in education? do we best grade and evaluate students? the very term "student" an outmoded term? may we realize a balanced education for children that includes but is not limited to art, music, sports, literature, architecture, history, language, math, science, tolerance, democracy, morals, ethics, philosophy, creativity, drama, technology, dance, and on and on and on?

It ain't easy, folks, but it is necessary.

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