NOW is time to express yourself

Each of us complains and complains about politicians at all levels of our government.  Inasmuch as this blog focuses more on the national level of politics, I am calling on you to now begin to make yourself and your opinions and your criticisms known to your elected officials.  Now!

Several politicians are already manipulating their image to prepare a run for the U.S. Presidency in 2016.  Some are so obvious that they literally drip with their ambition.  Rubio is about as obvious as it gets.  That's OK, if he does more than forging his image and actually begins to listen to the citizens.  Generally, Americans are sick and tired of the lousy job being done by our elected representatives.

Everybody in public life appears to be for sale.  Elections no longer are the result of the electorate, but more the result of peddled influence by greedy and selfish power groups.  The Koch brothers are the epitome of what is wrong with American politics.  But there are others, at all levels, left and right, conservative and liberal, rich and not so rich, etc.  What all of them seem to lack is integrity. 

Is it too much to ask of our politicians that they show some actual evidence of principles, morals, ethics, honesty, altruism, and that they actually represent their constituents and not some pot of money trying to buy influence and votes?  Recent elections have been scams, shams, and disgusting.  And when enough votes are not made for specific Party candidates, they re-district and alter the voting numbers by gerry-mandering the election map.

It is time to stop whining and act.  Demand your representatives give specific evidence of representing you with honesty and integrity.  This is not about conservative vs. liberal, it is about being moral and ethical.  It is about altruism vs. greed.  It is about democracy.

It is easy to obtain the mail address, e-mail address, and phone number of any politician.  Let these charlatans know your thoughts.  Let them know you are watching and listening.  Let them know that you are sick and tired of the crookedness and deceptions.  Let them know you expect more.  Let them know that you no longer will tolerate their being bought out by special interest groups.  Let them know that in the next election you will be voting for democracy and integrity.

Get on the phone.  Use e-mail.  Stop accepting the fact that your representatives are being bought and sold like commodities.  Tell them that greed-capitalism is not democracy it is an oligarchy of the greediest and wealthiest people.  Give them a variable kick in the pants.  Let them know the party is over.

Act now, and begin to breathe the fresh air.  Act as though you are no longer a slave or puppet or lackey.

Tell them that you are no longer the sucker they can count on to remain silent.

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