Following President Obama's excellent "State of the Union" address to Congress, the right-wing and even the so-called moderate wing of the Republican Party lambasted him for being too-progressive.  Huh?

Didn't we just have an election of the President?  Didn't Obama, voicing a progressive platform throughout the campaign, win the election my millions of votes?  Didn't Obama just win with such a surprising majority that the Republican Party admitted it must take stock of its own agenda and pronouncements? 

What happened?  Short memory?  Or have we once again slid back into the same sewer where the Republican leaders openly state that they will do anything to prevent Obama from getting what he wants?  What a way to lead a major political party!  Have the Republicans totally jettisoned morals, ethics, multi-party cooperation, and the good of the United States of America?

Who  do the Republicans think they represent in Congress?  The Koch brothers?  The insurance industry?   The military-industrial complex? 

Is the Republican Party's motto now: Greed rules!  I've got mine, too bad about you, sucker?

President Obama suggested we raise the minimum wage so that people working at a full time job would be a tiny fraction above the poverty line in the U.S.  That's progressive???  Why would anyone be against passing legislation of any kind that allows full-time working people to reach a MINIMUM above poverty?  The alternative is to have people striving to work a full time job so they may remain in poverty.  Huh?

We, the voters of the U.S., have got to make it clear to both parties that they have been chosen to serve us with at least a minimum degree of compassion, empathy, sharing, and humanity.  It must be made clear to both political parties that the time has come when they are no longer accepted as puppets being pulled by the strings by special interest groups, greed corporations, wealthy individual who benefit from tax breaks while you pay your taxes in full, etc.  The total lack of understanding and empathy in American politics is alarming. 

We should be celebrating the statements of a President like Obama who FINALLY has said some things that indicate a desire to be fair to the middle class, and help the lower classes get out of poverty.

My fellow citizens, it is time to give the boot squarely in the rear end to the likes of the Koch brothers, and the greed merchants who are stealing from the majority of Americans.  Progressive propositions are a welcome announcement in the fog of special interests.   Let us salute our President for this.

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