Republican Party: Now What?

Imagine, the Republican Party wants to get the attention and support of a wider part of the United States voting public!  I'm shocked, shocked, you hear!

After using language and political clout to demean Hispanic immigrants, it now wants to appeal to this segment of the U.S.  What was their first clue?  They have advocated building bigger fences on the U.S. border.  They have advocated to break up families and deport parents and even children who only knew one nation: the United States.  Their right-wing business friends have turned a blind eye to draconian immigration laws and used illegals as slaves.  Any chance to pay very low wages and abuse workers has always been a delight of the greed corporations.  Imagine using bigoted language when refering to Hispanics, and now they want their vote.  Have any of these "tender and empathetic" right-wingers ever heard what Rush and the rest of the right-wing fascists have said on the radio about illegals? 

To prove they have had a change of heart about Hispanics, the Republican Party has turned to Karl Rove for advice.  Karl Rove!  And have you ever heard an interview with the current head of the GOP [a Wisconsinite]?  And for further "new" ideas to expand the reach of the GOP they have called in the biggest donors for advice.  Those are the same people who have fought against any office-seeker who gave any hint of being a middle-of-the-road politician, let alone a progressive ...and spent scores of millions of dollars in the process.  Now they want to tell us they are of a wider and more tolerant bent.  Huh?

Look, the type of people who have led the Republican Party for quite some time are people who have gotten all kinds of tax breaks, all kinds of government contracts [negotiated or un-negotiated], and generally joined in killing the middle class and driven the richest Americans to atmospheric levels of materialism.  The poor get little or no attention from the rich right-wingers, they are pushed aside.

GOP and greed have become synonymous.  There is no empathy among the leaders and supporters of the Republican Party.  Do some research.  Find out who is behind the curtain of the Wizardry running the Republican Party. 

If the Republican Party wants to truly get support from a wider part of American society, let them show their true altruism, their REAL empathy, their support for the less fortunate.  And let them join all of us in creating a tax system that is fair for the poor and middle classes; not beholden to the richest and most greedy in our society. 

Let us greet that sort of new Republican Party with open arms.  Sharing is not a dirty word.  Empathy does not mean you are foolish.  Compassion should be part of the fabric of the United States.  Democracy means all of us are treated equally.  Favors only for the rich and greedy should be ended, and let us ALL celebrate a New America.

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