Recent developments have clearly shown the irrationality of gun nuttery in the United States.  Grasping tightly on their assorted weaponry, gun advocates are prepared to save us from ...well, what could be more dangerous than these committed gun nuts?  The U.S. has become a nation of contradictory personality concoctions.  Consider...

The same people who fight against gun control of any kind love to shout for more mental health programs to keep the crazies off the street.  Yet, it was basically the same group that has fought for tax breaks and have advocated for huge cuts in budgets for mental health.  Some states, noticeably those with a high precentage of gun lovers, have cut their mental health budgets in half [e.g. Texas].

OMG, the Boy Scouts may allow gay people to become a part of the program!  Huh?  The Scouts teach tolerance, don't they?  Well?  Some of these same homophobes are ardent in supporting a male-only clergy, while peophilia and other sex crimes have been rampant in many churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church.  Listen folks, gay people give witness to some marvelous, long-term,committed relationships.  The recent decades-long relationship of Jim Nabors was allowed by law in the State of Washington to become a marriage.  How many marriages and straight relationships in the entertainment industry last 30-40 years?

While the gun advocates love to bring up statistics to support their totally irrational advocacy for guns, they never seem willing to touch on the most obvious one.  Western, industrialized nations with the fewest guns have the fewest gun murders.  Or some gun nut will point to Chicago where there are some fairly strict gun laws, while having high rates of gun murders.  That's because the surrounding area of Chicago does not have the same gun restrictions, and most murders are committed with guns purchased elsewhere in the U.S.

We are broadcasting the fact that the U.S. is taking a more intelligent, balanced view of military involvement and military war activities around the world.  And thus we allow drones to kill many innocent citizens worldwide.  And we are turning over many of the direct war involvements from the Pentagon to the Central Intelligence Agency.  The CIA scares me no end.  Having lived in the Washington, DC area, I have had some first-hand experience with people who were involved with CIA agents intimately.  These "spooks" are given that name for a reason.  Do not rest easy with the CIA in charge.

Think of your own life.  Think how many contradictions occur in our society, and occur and are initiated by people who often feel almost a God-given right to think and act as they do.  Bigots are especially dangerous animals because they keep America from its greatness.  They are a moral and ethical burden for our society to carry ...and resulting in our being misled to the point of thinking that we are "right."

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