Gov. Walker's lack of education

One doesn't have to sit in a college classroom or receive a degree to be talented and insightful.  But it helps. And the more we get a view of Governor Scott Walker's thought process, the more we have to wonder why he did not finish his education.  I know the nice, little story he tells.  But I mean the REAL reason.

Apparently because Walker has some sort of inferiority complex about his incomplete education, he likes to sit in the lecture and judgment chair concerning education and make sweeping decisions.  He is hurting our kids, to say nothing of the education system in the state, generally.  Wisconsin has a rich history in the field of education.  Our University is first-class, and has been the genesis of many unique ideas and programs.  But Walker will limit its budget money to make his point ...which is?  Take a guess.

As we watch his budget play out, we watch more and more schools being forced to let art teachers go, get rid of extra-curricular activities, forced to have larger class sizes, limits on teachers' continuing education, etc. 

He makes some wild-eyed promises about help for "succeeding" schools.  And then follows those statements with ignorant rants about his views on education and mentions support for programs that have been tried and have failed.  Yes, folks, he is ignorant about education (and many other things).

Let's get serious about this mistake in the Governor's Mansion.  Scott Walker has been proven absolutely wrong and/or absolutely false by political facts reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  How many of Scott Walker's staff have to be indicted and/or found guilty before we become suspect of his honesty and integrity.  The smell gets more repulsive daily.

If you think that getting a few bucks back on your yearly taxes is worth all this, then your ethics and morals come at a cheap price. 

We are dragging along near the bottom of the heap among the 50 states when it comes to the creation and/or addition of jobs.  Wisconsin's image is not being tarnished, it is being dragged through the mud.   Yet Scott Walker promised us hundreds of thousands of new jobs.  Huh?  How are you fixed for snake oil?

How low can we go?

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