The current President of the United States is outstanding.  He and his family represent the best in America. In fact, the entire conduct and representation they present to the nation and the world is quite special.

It is interesting to watch, read, and listen to the right-wing extremists, the bigots, the gun nuts, the greedy, the war corporations, the radio screamers, etc. look for ways to try and demean him.  Lies about his nationality, lies about him in general have been disgusting.  We are fortunate to have a man of President Obama's taste, intellect, and principles in the White House.  Think back just over 4 years ago to see the stark difference.  President Bush began as President with a budget surplus from the Clinton years.  Bush destroyed the national budget by pandering to the war corporations and greed-mongers who were "buddies."   Bush started two wars, at least one of which was unnecessary, and the other was atrociously conducted.  Bush spent like a drunken sailor.  He nearly ruined the American economy and would have if he were not limited to just two terms.  Guess who benefited from these excessive adventures?  Guess who got the brunt of the benefits from his tax revisions?  Guess who Bush passed all this to?

When Obama began his presidency, the nation had just dipped deep into a serious recession.  And Bush had structured the tax code so that budget balance was impossible.  Tax breaks were going to the richest and best connected.  The middle class was sinking.  The poor had been left out in the cold.  Bush had allowed the perpetrator of 9/11, Osama bin Laden, to escape.  The U.S. had lost its reputation and credibility in the world.  The European nations were so elated to have Bush finally out of office that they supported the Nobel Peace Award for the new President of the U.S., Barack Obama.  Shouts were heard all over the world, and in the U.S. as well, that Bush and Cheney should be forced to stand trial for their lies, deception, torture, secret prisons, and irresponsible and despicable behavior while in office.  The war in Iraq was slipping out of control.  The war in Afghanistan was slogging along, carrying the burden of Bush's horrid mismanagement.

We began to see how the Bush cabal had given Wall Street and the financial barons free reign over the American economy.  The  U.S. was a mess.

To add to the dilemma, the right-wing began broadcasting lies about Obama, questioning his birth locale, and other aspects of his early life.  The slop, mess, and favors of the Bush years were distracted by the lying charges about Obama's personal life.  America was distracted from the multitude of mistakes and favors of George W. Bush.  But we are still recovering from that mess, and will be for years to come.

Meanwhile, a man of integrity was now in the White House.  The right-wing, which had led the disaster of the Bush years, began clamoring for Obama to fix things immediately.  How we avoided an economic depression is amazing.

And health care reform, fought for by Demoratic and Republican presidents since Theodore Roosevelt, was finally accomplished under the new President from Chicago.

A U.S. Senator from Kentucky --Republican-- had the gall to openly state that his party had a duty to simply prevent Obama from accomplishing anything.  That was the Republican LEADER in the U.S. Senate!

The sad, sad story of Republican surrender to its extreme right-wing goes on and on.  Miraculously, the citizens of the U.S. voted Obama back into office.  Now we stand on the doorstep of a marvelous return to concern and support of the majority of Americans, young and old, in the poor and middle classes.  The right-wing of the Republican Party wants none of this democracy; they want favors for the rich, and favors for the bigoted, and favors for the war corporations, and favors for those on the far right. 

Can the citizens of the United States do the right thing?  The task in front of us is difficult but do-able.  We have a leader in the White House who stands ready to serve the majority of Americans.  How fortunate we are.  First, though, we must see it.

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