C'mon, I am sick and tired of the obfiscation, the excuses, the intentional diversion, and the lies of those who defend our gun craziness in America.  We own more guns per capita than any western society.  We kill more people with guns per capita than any industrial society.  We have more mass shootings than any nation.  There is no argument, the American nation and the American society are sick.  And war and guns are a big part of it.  We have a male population that exhibits a lack of real manhood and tries to camouflage it with the pseudo-toughness of war and guns.  It is a sickness.

As the parents of the little children shot and killed in an elementary school in Connecticut gathered to express themselves about the future of the school building, the impact that event has had on their lives, the lingering depression, etc., one mother said she misses her little boy so much that she still reaches down to take his hand when she is walking.  That burns its way into your heart and soul.  Meanwhile some gun advocates are screaming about the Second Amendment.  They want their right to a 21st century assault rifle, with a clip for as many bullets as the want.  Well, Mr. Gun Advocate: boo-hoo.  Your little shoot-em-up days should have been put to rest when you were about 8 years old.  The gun does not make you a man!

Yes, we need revisions in our laws regarding people with mental illness.  Yes, that should happen.  Read this very carefully, please: it was the right-wing, gun advocates who fought against any government money being spent on anything INCLUDING mental health.  Some states were badgered by these right-wingers to cut as much as 50% of the budget for mental health services.  Whether you advocate for assault rifles or advocate to cut budgets for mental health, you cannot dodge the responsibility you carry for these gun massacres.

I also carry my share of the responsibility.  I have been silent or timid in the face of this gun onslaught.  We have been setting the stage for ongoing gun tragedies, and I have been less than outspoken about it.  But how many people have to be killed in a movie theatre?  How many people of a minority religion have to be shot before we act?  How many six and seven year old children have to be killed with a gun before we wake up?  Guns give a false sense of manhood.  Guns and war reflect our violent society.  Guns and war are money-makers for big industry.  Guns, guns, guns.  Our sickness grows, and the symptoms become more obvious with each mass shooting.

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