The nation is somewhat more focused on deliberating about guns in America, and what to do about the gun fixation in this country.  It isn't only the National Rifle Association that is spending and fighting against any control of the gun craziness.  Yes, it is craziness.  Let's start with the Second Amendment distortion.

The Second Amendment was put in the Bill of Rights because this new nation had just come through a revolutionary war in which individual gun ownership was important.  The war was fought thousands of miles away from England, so it was somewhat easy to defeat an organized army with rifle-toting farmers.  So, it was natural to put something in the Constitution to acknowledge this phenomenon, lest this tiny new nation is again threatened by "tyranny."  And almost every citizen in the new U.S. had a rifle to hunt  for food.  It was a necessity.  And the rifles on 1776 were simple pieces of equipment firing one round.  The Founding Fathers could not have imagined the mechanical guns of today.  The old fashioned machine gun was still years away from being invented.  A rifle in a 1776 household was as normal and as necessary as a fireplace.  We were basically a rural, somewhat primitive society.

Further, the Second Amendment refers to an organized militia, not a mob of disgruntled individuals.  There were no organized police or sheriff departments.  Out of necessity, justice was meted out on-the-spot, with a gun.  No organized police force, no organized court system, not even much of a standing army.  Therefore it was a societal necessity to have local area militias armed.  A far cry from today's circumstance.

Today's NRA and gun advocates talk about an armed citizenry to defend ourselves from a national government out of control.  Really?  No matter how many assault weapons you have, do you really think that you can defend your individuality against a bazooka, a tank, a bomber, drones, ad say nothing of a standing army of hundreds of thousands?  Please, let's get real.  This isn't about little kids playing soldier or sailor.

Out of this long-standing love of guns has evolved a violent society in the U.S.  Any greedy individual out to make a huge profit, can plug into this insanity.  Play up the Second Amendment and sell more guns.  War corporations love the gun craziness.  Hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on weaponry and the attendant materials and armies.  We have built ammunition and weapons of war in many, many Congressional districts.  Jobs result.  It becomes difficult for the local Congressperson to vote against weapons of war.  War is good for the economy, especially for the military industrial complex.  That very term, "military-industrial complex," was refered to in the warning of none other than General Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Beware!, he warned us, of the growing influence that this complex has on America.

So, the NRA represents a drop in the bucket when it comes to the love of war and weaponry.  Immense corporations that produce war equipment, can weild tremendous pressure on Congress and the President.  We are held captive by the military-industrial complex that knows what the gun craziness means to a war-inclined nation that spends trillions of dollars on war-related activities.

There is more influence that comes from a gun-crazed greediness.  Violent video games.  Violent films.  Violent books and magazines.  Violent toys.  Add this all up, and what do you think will happen when the discussion about gun control hits the politicos in Washington, D.C.?

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