It appears that too many of us must hate and judge.  We seem to find ways to hate each other, and to look down and judge people who are not like us.  Though civilization has been around a long time, we seem to be becoming more hateful, bigoted, and ignorant in these matters.  The thought process goes something like: I am listening to those people with whom I agree, I know what's right, I have my guns, I have found my church, I have found my neighborhood, ad infinitum.  May we pause for one moment, please?

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." -Mother Teresa

Think of all the ways we are suspicious of others, judge others, hate others, stay away from some people, and finally know that certain people are going to hell.  Consider your feelings about...

gay-straight, Christian-Moslem, old-young, religious-atheist, male-female, male-male, female-female, rich-poor, educated-illiterate, timid-assertive, capitalist-socialist, black-white, yellow-white, red-white, Democrat-Republican, conservative-progressive, harsh-sympathetic, judgmental-empathetic, generous-greedy, scripture-mythology, correct-false, god-idol, happy-sad, listener-talker, intimate-frigid, history-storytelling, Moslem-Hindu, rigid-libertine, aesthetic-crude, loud-quiet, fact-hearsay,etc.

Each of us  can jump in and judge others, express our hatred, see flaws, and know how right we are and wrong others are.  Let me state something I feel very strongly about.  Every single one of us knows something is right, correct, and accurate; and many of these things are absolutely wrong.

We need each other.  And there is the capacity for love in every one of us to express it for all the world.  Why are we wasting it?  Why are we so insecure that we have to tear down others?  Hate, bigotry, and judging are qualities of a very insecure human being.  Free yourself from these chains.  Be truly strong!

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