Reovering from recent surgery, I have been walking to re-gain my strength and stamina.  I am not fond of walking, and especially in the cold weather.  What to do?  I decided to do my walking in the various enclosed shopping malls in the area.  What a marvelous discovery I made!

It is/was the holiday season.  Music filled the air in the malls.  I walked awhile, and then I sat and rested.  I walked somemore and then rested.  I had time.  I watched the spectrum of humanity walk by.  Every face, every body, every skin color, every clothing display, every hair color, and this revue of humanity's rainbow was there for me to enjoy.  It was the world's art museum.  And all there for me to take in.

Sometimes I talked with some of the shoppers and walkers.  Some people offered to share some candy and other goodies with me.  Some laughed when I said, "You'll have to speak louder if you want me to eavesdrop."  Some smiled.  Comments were expressed in various accents.  Lovers snuggled close to each other.  Mommies and daddies hugged and kissed their little kids. Older folks offered advcie to younger shoppers.  Some elderly men dozed off as they sat and their wives shopped.  Every moment was a human drama of some sort playing out for me to experience.

Please know that I was entertained; I was surprised once again at how much of life simply passes us by, or how hard we try to make life happy when all we have to do is watch.  Each minute, each day at the malls was an entirely different and unique display of complex humanity, presented in a simple form.  Wow!

Yet, amidst all this human variety before us, so many folks could only fill their moments engrossed in their cell phone, their computer, their droid, etc.  Ignoring the beauty and variety of real life surrounding them, they missed it all by diving into the bland cyber-world.  I wouldn't trade one live, real human being for all the chilly world of cyberspace.  We have been captured by the electronic world because it is new, and therefore thought to be special.  It is not special, certainly not in human terms.

Real life is there to be enjoyed.  It is a wonder.  It is complex.  It is always surprising.  It is a gift.  Don't throw it away by surrendering to the addiction of un-real life, to the coldness of gadgetry and electronics.  One life, one billion lives are there for you in real time.  Why would you want to waste it?

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