The right-wing in America has this for its platform...

Any sort of gun control is an infringement on our rights guaranteed in the Second Amendment.

Starting a war in Iraq was a good idea, whether or not George W. Bush used intentionally distorted info.

We need more tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.

We need to continue to reduce spending on mental health in the U.S.

Labor unions are bad, tax breaks for the wealthy are good.

The U.S. can drill its way out of the high petroleum prices.

Global warming and climate change are lies told us by liberals.

We need I.D. photo means to allow people to vote, no matter the cost and restrictions on the poor.

Give the military whatever it wants, never restrict its spending.

Barack Obama was born someplace in either Kenya, Indonesia, or outer space.

If the United Nations favors something, it must be bad for the U.S.

Illegal immigration is bad [unless these people find a low-paying job in a right-wing industry here].

What's wrong with giving corporations tax breaks when they send American jobs overseas?

Abortion is wrong, and spending to help unwanted children should be limited ...very limited.

Social Security, Medicare, etc. are socialist programs.

The names of huge political donors should be kept from the public.

Men should determine women's issues ...and wages, health care, etc.

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