Obviously we need to get rid of the guns, especially the assault rifles and the large ammo-holding clips.  But there is more to preventing the gun slaughters of Newtown, Aurora, Oak Creek, ad infinitum.  I'm all for getting rid of the guns in America.  But stopping the use of guns to kill people in the U.S. will require much more.

We need to have legislation to get rid of the assault rifles and other killing machines.  That will be extremely difficult to accomplish, even with the nation moved by the grief and senselessness of what happened in Newtown and elsewhere.  Gun advocates control the political dialogue and action on the subjects related to the proliferation of weaponry in the U.S.  You can lose an election simply by questioning our gun lunacy.

Additionally, we need legislation AND MONEY to stop the disappearence of mental health personnel and facilities in the U.S.  In many places there has been a 50% reduction in mental health budgets.  This is seen as necessary to keep taxes down.  The real actions needed to deal with the gun slaughter in America includes a combination of gun reduction and increased budgets for mental health facilities to identify potential mass murderers.  If you think it will be difficult to fight the gun lobby in the U.S., wait until you ask for more tax money for mental health.  Greed rules in America.  There is no number of children slaughtered that will move Americans to use more tax money for mental health.  Guns and greed rule in the U.S.

As in the current debate between President Obama and the Speaker of the House, there is no room for compromise from the right-wing.  As the vast difference between the rich and middle class in America grows each year, each year there is a renewed fight for the rich to hold onto more of their money and avoid paying more taxes.  The weak and the meek be damned!  The slaughter of children is caused by some unknown phenomenon that has nothing to do with guns or taxes.  The rich need more in order to save America.  If you believe that and are waiting for the rich to solve these problems then it is time to use the analogy: when hell freezes over.  The rich always want more, more, MORE!  Let them eat cake!

Greed rules in America.  Even when it comes to the slaughter of innocent children.  They tell us to look somewhere else for solutions, someplace not involving guns or taxes.

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