HO, HO, HO......

Are you getting ready to go over the cliff?  It is almost time for the right-wing to stand-fast, adhere to its pledge to not raise any taxes, and keep the tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans that was pushed through Congress by a lying President George W. Bush who told us all kinds of lies about Iraq and other things that got in line with greed-America. 

The solution to the current financial problem is not a conundrum.  It is quite easy, actually.

Cut the Pentagon budget, where scores of billions of dollars are stolen every year by military corporations [see Halliburton].  Sequence in a slow and slight rise in the retirement age for Social Security.  Allow the Bush tax cuts to die.  Get rid of the enormous tax breaks given to huge corporations, even some that give them deductions for doing business outside of the U.S.  Raise the taxes slightly on those Americans making over 250,000 thousand dollars a year.  Voila!  Deal done.

Why is that so difficult to achieve?  Politiicans get huge sums of money from wealhty individuals and corporations.  Political advertising is a hidden concoction of the wealthest Americans, and a right-wing Supreme Court says corporations have the same free speech rights as individuals and should be treated as individuals.  War and war-related scares are big money makers for the military-industrial corporations.

Perhaps the easiest and most successful scams are related to the long-standing comfort zone created for Big Money.  And the bulk of Americans have become accustomed to being lied to by Big Money.

Summation: you are being played as an ongoing sucker.  You are a valuable commodity to Big Money, sucker.

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