NOW! is the time to demand an honest Congress

After decades of being lied to and chiseled and deceived and endlessly accepting a Congress that has no intention of being honest and forthright with the American people, it is time to draw a line in the sand and DEMAND honesty and truth from Congress.  The Congress of the U.S. has been a horrid den of liars and thieves.  I am sick of it.

We should not have invaded Iraq.  That set into motion a horrible set of circumstnaces that has drained the U.S. Treasury.  Did entitlements do it?  No, war and favors to greedy corporations did it.

Ronald Reagan, when asked about the federal government's reponsibility in keeping our nation's infrastructure up-to-date, simply mouthed the old lie so often told by Republicans.  He said with corporate and business favors that would build our economy and things would be taken care of.  How nice that sounds.  Lies often do sound very nice.  But it was a damn lie!  And the corporations and businesses in the U.S. have not ever adequetely contributed their fair share to the basic needs of our nation, without some serious enforcement by the government.  The most skilled thing that corporations do in America is propose and lobby to get special tax treatment that is not afforded the Average Joe or Jane in the U.S.

And the right-wing in the U.S. has continued with this lie-baiting and deception to get what they want.  To this day!  Greed knows no bounds. Abuse and steal from hard working middle class Americans.  Lie to them.  Ignore their needs.  Show no compassion or empathy.  You saw it with George Romney.  He had no clue as to what the average American goes through each day and each year.  His references came from some wealthy la-la land of several big cars, several homes, tax breaks, and on and on.

If you need groceries, send one of your staff to get them.  If you need to be someplace quickly, call out your private plane.  It is all so eaxy, so simple.  Just do it!  And where does this money come from that allows you to do that?  War!  Military build-up.  Budget over-runs on contacts.  It is a bottomless pit to drain the middle class.  And when the middle class can't find a job or afford college?  Easy, join the military and fight the wars the right-wing enriches itself with.  It is all so easy.  Just ask any right-winger.  Easy, pal.  No problemo.

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