Israel & Palestine: Impossible situation

There is one topic that will guaranty an argument in any group.  No matter which side of the "debate" you are on, there will be assertive disagreement.  That topic: the Israeli-Palestinian ongoing problem.

One can express what appears to be an honest, objective statement about the situation between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Moslems.  Immediately someone will object to your statement, and do so very agressively.

You will be charged with not knowing the situation, or being ethnically or religiously prejudiced, or stupid, or worse.  This is a can of worms that one tries to avoid, and that is part of the problem.

Certainly one understands setting aside a place for a Jewish state following the horror of the Holocaust.  But Palestinians wonder why they were chosen to have land taken from them in the process.  Palestinians will ask, "What did we do to have to move or lose our home territory?'  Part of the problem is that European nations and peoples treated the Middle East as a colony of Europe, and that the Western cultures had some strange "right" to establish Israel as they did.  European guilt was played out and tried to be soothed at the price paid by Palestinians.  A conundrum.

From that basic disagreement has come a split that seems to have no solution.  And no solution will be found if we bring our ongoing hatreds and distrust to the table. 

Yes, no nation can allow another people to fire rockets into their territory aimed at innocent civilians.  We cannot expect Israel to just stand by and allow this to happen.

Conversely, the Jews accepted a truce long ago, and yet continue to build settlements in areas that go beyond the agreed-upon truce borders.  The Palestinians see this as unbridled colonization and and belittling of their people.

I could go on with specifics here.  But that is useless because people from the two sides and those in the middle will not agree with what I state here matter how hard I would try to be objective.

Adding to the problem is the role being played by Iran in all this.  They take pleasure in the troubles in Gaza because they think this takes focus off of the Iranian nuclear plans.  Iran is supplying rockets to Palestine, using different routes to transport them.  Through Sudan.  Through Egypt.  And there are tunnels between Egypt and Gaza through which all kinds of things pass, including rockets.

However we cannot necessarily conclude that if we stopped Iran from sending these rockets, things would quiet down along the Israel-Palestinian border.  There were border clashes long before Iran got this involved.  Blaming Iran does not make the situation easier to solve.

Which nation, which individual, which peoples have enough currency on both sides to step in and arrange for a long-standing peace and a road to a Palestinian state?  Ah, there's the rub.  No individual or group has come forth to fill such a role.  We need a Solomon, a trusted mediator, trusted on both sides.  There is no easy solution.  But neither side is 100% to blame, neither side is 100% innocent.

Adding to this complex problem is the Jewish voting bloc in the U.S., and the lack of it here for the Palestinians.  And the sympathy that exists for the Palestinians in the Arab world.

Where is our Solomon?  Where is our genius?  Where is our conciliator?  Where can we find sanity and peace?

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