Without chest-punding or sermonizing, let's discuss some basic "religious" questions...

How much of the "original" Bible was changed by errors or opinions of transcribing monks and others?

Why is Jesus of Nazareth portrayed as a prototypical Caucasian and not a Semite?

Would a loving Jesus, who gave us His personal example with women, with the lame, with the compassionate story of the outsider Samaritan, challenging outmoded rules in synagogues/temples, etc., be judgmental of gays, transgendered, "foreigners," "outsiders," etc.?

People portrayed in the Bible didn't speak in Latin.  Why do we portray Christianity as a sort of Latin-based religion?

Did the Great Flood happen to all of humankind, all animals, all living organisms, or just to those within Noah's existence of Middle Eastern geography?

How changed and elevated have we made Jesus of Nazareth centuries after His birth?

Why did the Vatican hide the early copy of the Bible, the Codex Vaticanus, from translators?

Who attended the various Councils [Council of Carthage] that decided on what books to put in the "official" Bible?

How and when did it develop that Christianity was a religion separate from Judaism?

How can it be that there are stories and traditions in many areas of the world, among many cultures, for centuries before Jesus, that are similar to Biblical accounts, though these cultures had been untouched by Christians or Jews when their stories evolved?

Is Christianity in decline?

Which of the following are most important for a Christian: empathy, love, compassion, understanding, friendship, tolerance, peace, acceptance, judgment, ostracization, criticism, hope?

Who has the right to judge others?   On what basis?

Should the United States of America be considered a Christian nation?

Could an atheist be elected President of the United States?

Who has done the most in serving the human condition: Desmond Tutu?  Billy Graham?  Dalai Lama?  Pat Robertson?  The Pope?  Caesar Chavez?  Nelson Mandela?  Barack Obama?  Mother Teresa?  Gloria Steinem?  Martin Luther King?  FDR? 

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