The fact that we are experiencing climate change/global warming is so obvious that only someone ill-informed, un-informed, or one holding onto a political agenda that will not allow for climate change to exist would deny it,  even if the facts overwhelmingly prove it.  You may bring up any subject, no matter how easily it can be proven, and you will find someone, someplace who will take a divergent viewpoint.  However as sure as the sun rises in the east, we are experiencing multitude examples of climate change/global warming.  Over 95% of scientists in this field agree...probably closer to 99%.

Please do not confuse climate change/global warming  with occasional or temporary weather changes.  Climate change refers to something far beyond that.  We are referring to CLIMATE changes, not an abrupt weather change, or big snowstorm, or heavy rain, though any of those things can be indicative of climatic changes and global warming caused by human activity.

And it does not mean that just because the weather may be especially warm one year and especially cold the next year has anything to do with climate change.  But when an area experiences a hundred-year rainfall six times in one decade, it should attract our attention.

Nobody has any idea how deep or how serious or perilous we are now on this earth.  But it could threaten our very existence as a species, and our very existence as a planet supporting various forms of life.  If you care about your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, then take the time and read as much as you can about the nature and specifics of climate change.  It is here, it is evolving in a much worse fashion, and we MAY still have time to reduce or detain its diasterous effects on earth.

Meanwhile, consider some of the following occurences [some more than others directly prove the existence of climate change/global warming caused by human activity and pollution]:

Well-known and well-respected scholars and scientists in this field are now indicating that as many as 400,000 people a year are now dying because of human impact on our earth's warming.  And they are further screaming at us that it will only get worse.  Something has to be done ASAP.

Citizens of island nations in the Indian Ocean, realizing that the level of the ocean waters is rising, have made plans to permanently leave their flooding nation and re-establish themselves on a mainland.

Because of ozone levels, people in Australia have had to take very special care and limit their outdoor activities because the sun's rays are pouring through ozone holes in the atmosphere and causing soaring incidents of skin cancer.

Glaciers throughout the polar regions are melting at alarming rates.  Aerial photos and on-site scientific finding prove the swiftly receding size of glaciers. 

Decades of drought have hit many areas of the world, including the American West.

Unprecdented forest fires are ravaging huge tracts of America.  Conversely, other areas are experiencing flooding rainfalls.  Both indicative of climate change happening because of human impact.  Weather patterns and the flow of weather patterns are changing noticeably.

States in the American West,  Southwest, and even Atlanta and the Southeast are expressing desire to ship Great Lakes water to a dangerously thirsty citizenry.  Drinking water will become a precious and scarce resource.

Climate change has already affected hundreds of species of plants and animals on earth.

Never-before-seen storms have ravaged "safe" areas in recent years.

Worldwide weather patterns are changing from warm to cold, cold to warm, quiet to windy, record rainfalls, ad infinitum.  Weather fronts are changing, the flow of air and weather are changing.

And the indicators are all over the world and in many different and heretofore unknown places.   The above is but a tiny sampling of evidence.  We ignore it at our own peril, and that of our children.  And all these changes are occurring at an extremely rapid pace, unknown in history or pre-history of the earth.

Please don't endanger your children and their children by holding fast to some Neanderthal-level thinking just to make a silly political point.  This is not all conjecture; the evidence is overwhelming.  It is time to act as a human being and express your concern about climate change and global warming, and do something about it.

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