After the recent election I thought we would be spared the long-long-long "expert" commentary and evaluation that had existed and come forth after each new poll.  Pundits were closer to "puns" and even closer to 2/3 of a pun: pee uuu.  It was disgusting and disturbing to listen to complicated analysis, and the exhibitions of self-styled important people so distort truth and even the most simple and obvious details.

Why were they so wrong about Romney?  Why were they so wrong about Obama?   It is really quite simple.

Here are some obvious reasons Obama won and Romney lost [brief summaries as space allows].....

Romney's "experts" were beholden to another time, another set of presumptions, another Republican Party.

Romney flip-flopped on almost every major issue.

The new Republican Party, held hostage by the Tea Party, is truly color-blind...that is, they do not see past anything that is not white and male.

Psst:  Women matter!  They represent the largest block of voters.

Psst:  Latinos matter!  They are the largest minority group in America.

Psst:  Who did you expect African-Americans were going to vote for?

The very fact that Romney spent over $25,000 for fireworks to celebrate his victory should tell you something.

More and more of Americans are finally seeing Donald Trump for what he is: a goof.  Relying on him to entice the other goofs such as birthers, bigots, rich birthers and bigots, etc. was a huge mistake.  It can be very-very difficult to vote for someone who makes Donald Trump an important part of his campaign.

A man with whom you had huge differences of opinion, Mr. Romney, as your running mate was not smart.  Paul Ryan did not even carry his hometiown of Janesville, Wisconsin.  Ryan represents even another segment of insensitive white males who place wealth ahead of democracy.

Guess what?  Young voters are championed via social media, not through the Washington Times or hate radio.    Did you see the emotional and heart-warming expressions by Obama to his young volunteers?

Americans strongly dislike programs that favor rich people over the middle class.  You can't see that?!?

Obama won with an unemployment rate at 8% [really more like 14%], an extremely slow economic recovery, trillions of dollars in federal debt, the Benghazi mess, a horrible first debate, cool reception from Israel toward Obama, and on and on and on.  And the Republicans still lost the White House!  Amazing!  What else needs to happen before you get the message; be hit by a truck?

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