And the days dwindle down...

 OK, it goes without saying that just about every American is sick and tired of this presidential campaign.

OK, we know that the constant barrage of ads can be unproductive.  But if you do not run ads, you become the forgotten man.  A candidate has to run ads as a sort of equalizer or survival matter.

The hate, lies, distortions, greed, deviousness, etc. are alarming.  I suppose we have become jaded as Americans to these campaign horrors.  But what worries me most is that there are things that are thought of as being bought and paid for in the election.  Those paying the freight will expect what they paid for from the candidate.  

Forget about the political parties spending.  Forget about the labor unions spending.  That is peanuts.  The really immense money being spent on ads is coming from individuals and groups that directly and definitely expect to be provided special favors and considerations.  Huge corporate money, especially from Big Pharma, military-industrial industries, insurance companies, and the most outrageouly undemocartic individuals who feel they have the right to buy what America becomes.  Greed and selfishness rule.  It is absolutely abominable.  And the right-wing Supreme Court allows these greedy and selfish folks to hide their identity.  We can only guess who they are.  But they want favors.  They want to be able to drain the American treasury and not pay their fair share in taxes.  Imagine millionaires and billionaires paying less in taxes than the working guy or gal.  And the worst part is these greedy individuals and corporations feel that they deserve it!  They expect to be treated with favor and favors.  Sickening.  We are losing our democracy.

Then we have the unwritten and unspoken bigotry that populates the right-wing.  But you must remain silent about it.  How dare you call me a racist!  Sure I listen to Glenn Beck who says Barack Obama hates white people.  Sure I listen to Rush Limbaugh when he plays "Barack, the Magic Negro."  Sure I pay attention when right-wing goofs tell us Obama was not born in the U.S.  Bigotry?  How dare you?!?

This election, far more than most, will tell us what kind of people we are.  It may not be pretty.  And even if Obama wins, unless he has a Congress ready to compromise and honestly negotiate, he will again be strung up on the proverbial tree to hang until a different right-wing stooge comes along to service the greed, selfishness, and hypocrisy that haunts America.

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