Election observations...

 The reluctant "break" from campaigning by the Presidential candidates is very touching.  Well, kind of.  Romney used the campaign respite to do his part for his country [translation: image].  He is out raising funds to help the hurricane victims along the Atlantic seaboard.  And he chose to do it in the Atlantic coast state of Ohio.  Strange map.  But the Red Cross can always use funds.  And the Romney campaign can always use the exposure ...in Ohio.  

If the election were held today it appears that Romney would win the popular vote, and Obama would win the Electoral College vote.  More strangeness.  Our Founding Fathers were dealing with a new nation that was made up of primarily uneducated citizens.  The Electoral College was to protect our Founding Fathers from stupid mistakes made by uneducated voters.  That was a safeguard to assure that only the landed gentry of while males could be elected.  Ah, our Foundaing Fathers.  The foundation of bigotry forged into our U.S. Constitution.  But we simply ignore that.  It disrupts our mythological image of democracy and fairness.

Being consistent with the democratic mythology, the two Presidential candidates declared a recess of campaign fund-raising in states directly affected by the recent Atlantic storm [like Ohio].  How marvelous.  Of course that did not seem to dampen the proactive campaigning by Ryan and Biden, to say nothing of Bill Clinton and Mrs. Romney.  Ah, the myths we weave to convince ourselves that we live in a pure democracy, populated by politicians with principles.  Of course it means we have to ignore previous and very different stances made by Romney, ignore the sexist comments by two leading Senate candidates in the Republican Party, etc.  Our political "sophistication" resembles our belief in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  All the money and power the United States possesses, and it distributes it to the special few, and rewards the wealthiest with special favors, and spins these classic yarns that give the "appearence" of a nation built on democratic principles.  Wanna buy a bridge?

Have you noticed how many times, and how often the term "food stamps" comes up in political commentary in the election cycle?  That is camouflage to demean the poor, the hungry, the disabled, etc.  And the privileged love to point out how the underserved are declaring "class warfare."  The mythology is absolutely amazing.  And it is believed by scores of millions of Americans.  We are the "house on the hill," the "land of the free," and we have inscribed on the Statue of Liberty to "give me your tired," etc.  But througout our history it meant to signal these people should "stay out": southern and eastern Europeans [the very term "wop" is derived from "without papers" on Ellis Island], Chinese, Latino, etc.  Each generation chooses its own ethnic or racial group to demonize.  And there are always plenty of Americans who declare war on those receiving food stamps, or welfare, or unemployment, etc.  Our Founding Fathers CHOSE to leave out women in their citizen requirement.

Yes, my fellow Americans, we are in the midst of a Presidential election.  And you have been manipulated to believe that one of the two candidates will meet your special requirements for the future.  That can often mean benefits your choice for people who look the most like you.  The "other" can get-the-hell out of my America.

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