A Second First Term

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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden seemed especially energized on the campaign trail. They are doing what they do best--campaigning. They've also been recently criticized for having no second term agenda. And how do they answer? With a recently thrown together pamphlet with several points on how they will conduct their second term.

The problem is that this pamphlet is about economic patriotism. Economic patriotism is Obama's euphemism  for "let's raise taxes." And when they say "let's raise taxes, "they're including everybody on that. Not just the rich, not just the wealthy, not just the 1%. Everybody.

Also included in the pamphlet is a lot of government spending.  Recruiting 100,000 teachers, rebuilding infrastructure, rebuilding schools. That's all there is to patriotism. Emptying out the treasury in order to appease any special interest group that may include a voting block for you. We have added nearly $6 trillion to the national debt over the past four years and can barely increase the GDP by 2%. It's disgraceful.

Why weren't some of these things done in the first term? President Obama has continued to blame a Republican house for the failures of not being able to get his policies through. In the first two years, he had super majorities in both houses. yet he blames Republicans. Why doesn't he take a look at his community organizing background and realize the presidency involves working with some of the 535 members. Working with Congress seems to be too difficult when compared to fund raising and campaign stops. Perhaps that's why it's called work.

 Whatever happened to those shovel ready jobs? After nearly 4 years, something could've gotten planned. Instead, we spent the money on the stimulus and continue to have nothing to show for it. Now we're supposed to plan for a second stimulus in the second term?

It's time to start cleaning things up in Washington. And as president Obama has said, it's going to take more than one president to do so. Hopefully the next president will not spend all the time blaming his predecessor and making excuses. Because the job is too difficult for the president, the entire country is supposed to wait another four years for things to happen. Dn't we have a choice with a candidate who make things happen? Why should the entire nation  have to endure another four years of poor economic growth and high unemployment because our president has put in place poor policies that are hindering the recovery effort? It doesn't sound like the president is really on our side. We need a president with a real plan. We need a president with a plan that will take us to a real recovery. We need a president that will get America working again. We need a president that knows the difference between results and simply saying that he has tried. We need to elect Mitt Romney.

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