Is U.S. democracy over?

Each of us has a facet of his/her personality that secretly and/or without self-awareness tells us that we know more than we do.  I'm guilty of it.  All of us are.

I have no farther to go than the comments I used to get from readers of my blog.  Some were strange.  Some were sexist.  Some were racially bigoted.  Some were religiously bigoted.  Many were politically ignorant, yet written with a self-assured tinge, even when they were clearly uninformed and illiterate to complex issues.  But always with the silly confidence that they were right and others were wrong.  God was on their side.

So, when I write things here that talk about the U.S. losing its democracy, unless you are very well informed you think that is exaggerated bravura.  It may be.  However most of us are not only ill-informed, we are in denial about our own nation's abhorrent behavior on the international stage.  The U.S. no longer plays fair.   The U.S. no longer keeps its citizenry informed.  The U.S. no longer acts in ways that are good for Americans themselves.  The U.S. schemes, plots, bullies, does not play fair, keeps important information from its own people, and even pounds its chest when it acts like a bully.  The average American citizen is fed a bunch of gobbly-gook about what this nation does in the world.  Democracy is a word used as propaganda and silencer by big corporations and their "suppliers" [the military-industrial complex].  It becomes Pablum fed to the American populace to keep them quiet...our binky.

Would you like some honest information about what the U.S. is doing in the world?  Here is ONE example:

Have you ever heard about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?  The U.S. leads this group into manipulating the private world of international finance, business, the selling of products. medicine standards, etc.  It includes just about every Pacific Rim nation, and more are in line.  National boundries are immaterial as are tax responsibilities.  Business acts as it wants.  It is coming to your home.

"Public-interest advocates call it 'NAFTA on steroids in Asia,' but the public, the press, and even members of Congress didn't know what was being negotiated in the Transpacific Partnership agreement until some of it was leaked last June.  The full text is still unknown."  ["Worldwide Wamm", October 2012, page one]  Worldwide Wamm's address: 310 East 38th St., Minneapolis, MN 55409 or

The amazing international corporate power would by itself provide amazing things for the richest and most powerful individuals, the one-percent.  Worldwide Wamm lists the following sneak attack by private corporations and rich money-holders (without national review by citizens) that would result in this:

*Off-shore millions of American jobs [Off-shore!].

*Free the banksters from oversight to crash the global economy again

*Jack up the price of medicine

*Flood us with unsafe food and products

*Ban Buy America policies needed to create green jobs and rebuild our economy

*Empower corporations to attack our environmental and health safeguards before tribunals of corporate lawyers, and demand unlimited taxpayer dollars as compensation

Is that the kind of American free enterprise you think we have in the U.S.?  No, you are told that all free enterprise is good for America.  Folks, our democracy is sinking.  Some of this is being done under the Obama administration.  Imagine what will happen with a Romney administration!  This is heaven for Romney.  This is his kind of free enterprise.  This is Bain Capital multiplied.  The U.S. is no longer a democracy, and the little that is left is fading fast.  And you are a part of the scheme; you are being played as a sucker and therefore a lackey.

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