Media stations ALLOW political lies.

Several studies have concluded that at least 1/3 of presidential advertising in the media has one or more lies in them.  Let me repeat: we are being lied to via political ads over and over. 

Does anyone bear any responsibility for this?  Of course the candidates do.  Of course candidate staffs do.  But what about the radio and TV local stations?  Does your local TV station have any responsibility in this?

I'm not talking here about the disgusting and degrading radio squawk shows, primarily from the extreme right wing.  Local stations air them because they bring in ad revenue.  There is never any station responsibility exhibited.  Lies abound on these uncivilized shows.  That's a sad given.  The local stations should be ashamed that they allow it.  But they do.  Very sad.

I'm refering here to the presidential political ads that are purchased to promote individual candidates on local TV stations and the like.  They are big-big revenue sources.  As with almost all other facets of our political climate in the U.S., money buys the prostitution of election morals and ethics.  The local stations should be ashamed, but they feel no obligation to do anything about it except to collect the ad revenue.  Very sad.

As long as we allow this to continue, we will never receive the truth about any political aspect of our nation.

Remember, these are TV stations that lie to us themselves about journalism principles, about truth, about honesty, about integrity, about trust.  That is all hogwash as long as they run the TV lies in the political ads.  With this as a back-drop to their very existence and set of "principles,"  we can no longer believe the news outlets in the U.S.  It is a sham.  It is greed.  It is the unprincipled lust for revenue.

Where can we now turn for truth and honesty from news outlets?  Money talks.  Money yells.  Money sets the "standard" for journalism in the U.S.  Money, money, money.  It is omnipresent in our so-called brand of capitalism.  Free enterprise is a good thing.  But it depends on truth and honesty.  Without that, we have nothing but a crude society dictated to by a rich oligarchy.  Democracy is dead in America.  And we allowed it to happen.

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