Aaron Rodgers for President!

OK, for all of us complainers and huffers and puffers about the candidates we are forced to choose for President of the United States, who would we rather have for a choice for that high office?

Aaron Rodgers, for sure.  If nothing else, he is a "straight shooter."

Instead of using Big Bird only in joking, he has many fine qualities that would be a refreshing change.

If only Ryan Braun didn't have that strange doping charge in his background.  He'd be a hit with me.

Too bad George McGovern just died.

Jon Stewart could get serious and give us good advice about running the U.S.

I'd like Billie the Brownie, but he'd never get the younger or middle-age vote.

Joe the Plumber would never get my vote, but maybe Fritz the Plumber.

How could you not like George Clooney, even if you are a man?

Do you suppose we could get Kate Middleton to take out dual citizenship?

Chiquita Banana for the Latino vote?  Lots of a-peel.

Watch the final debate!  Maybe we could get moderator Bob Schieffer to run.

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