"You damn right..." I M 4 Tammy Baldwin!

It astounds me how Wisconsin citizens buy the crude snake oil pitches of Tommy Thompson.  Haven't you had enough of this small town carnival side-show?  Tommy reeks with the smell of the small town hick who played the big peoples' game of politics and turned it into $13 million of his own money.  It has been done many times before by others, but it is usually limited to places like rural Mississippi or Alabama.  The only requirement is that you either turn your back on ethics and morality or simply don't know any better when it comes to principles.  With Tommy, you take your pick.

His legend is branded into Wisconsin mythology.  His record as Governor of Wisconsin is still heralded by many as a great one.  His fight for the common man is believed by many.  His down-home approach with the public is embedded in our state's story-telling ["Believe me, ladies and gentlemen..."].

How much damage is done to the United States and Wisconsin by a belief system that turns lies, distortions, deceptions, greed, immorality, etc. into stories of legend is so humongous as to leave it beyond measure.  We destroy ourselves in the process.  With the right-wing extremism today, the damage will be immense.  But we buy the moonshine and believe it to be sunshine.  Let's try to get real.

When Tommy Thompson left the office of Governor of Wisconsin, he left behind a staggering debt.  It was around three and a-half billion dollars.  Governors who followed sought ways to try and plug that hole.  It was the undoing of the successors to Tommy.  The current man in the governor's mansion moved to close the ongoing budget gap by using draconian measures against working men and women.  The suffering goes on, worse than ever.  Even gross manipulation of state funds, even denying worker's rights, even reducing the state's support to schools, etc. have not solved the problems left behind by Tommy.  But Tommy doesn't mind, he can blame it on Governor Doyle or the Democrats.  He has somehow been able to wash his hands of this mess he helped cause.

Tommy didn't stop with just hurting Wisconsin citizens.  There were bigger fish to fry.  Going along as a little puppy [or puppet] into the George W. Bush cabinet, he did his duty and got an amazing deal for the drug companies.  He arranged for a tremendously expensive drug program that rewarded the drug companies as they had never been rewarded before.  It was a bonanza for Big Pharma.  And Tommy eagerly left the Bush cabinet to join the private sector and pick up his rewards from the appreciative drug corporations.  With millions paid to him for his right-wing loyalty, he was able to try and buy some degree of upper class propriety.  He could now swim with the rich folks.  He was now a gentleman.  However one only has to listen to him to realize how crude he remains.  But he did a good job for the right-wingers and they play the game with him concerning Tommy the sophisticate.

Yes, I am going to vote for Tammy Baldwin.  Do I really have to give a reason?  Do you actually listen to Tommy?  

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