If we had legitimate presidential-level candidates running for the White House instead of bought-and-paid puppets, they would be discussing some extremely important topics that are being avoided.   

Why are our top four candidates not focusing in on the following...

Climate change.  Yes, it is happening.  To deny it is to believe the world is flat.  Climate change not weather forecasts.

Do you think it is consistent with our democratic election process to have candidates signing pledges not to raise taxes or pledge support for specific, broad topics?

Why aren't the oil companies drilling on land and offshore sites that have been approved for drilling?

Why aren't oil companies opening more refineries instead of managing periodic shortages to drive up petroleum prices?

Why don't Americans feel any empathy for ALL of our citizens when it comes to coverage of health concerns?

Why are the Republican candidates asking to increase budget spending beyond what the Pentagon is asking for [is it because the candidates are funded by the big profits made by the military-industrial corporations?]?

President Obama, what happened to your pledge to close Gitmo?

If you are against the federal government interfering in the private lives of Americans, why do Republicans want to stick their nose into the private doctor-patient talks about what is going on within a woman's body?

Why should we give special attention to a church body that has had one scandal after another...often affecting the lives of children?

How can a civilized nation allow people to die because of inadequate health/medical attention?

Why are Americans so willing to fund war machinery but become misers when it comes to veterans' benefits, physical and emotional?

Remember the heralded speech by FDR about the Four Freedoms?  For example, how can we, therefore, be so reluctant to do something about "freedom from want"?  How can we be so callous about our fellow Americans?

Mr. Romney, how SPECIFICALLY are you going to cut the deficit, increase jobs, etc.  Specifically?

To all four candidates: What specifically are your opinions about embryonic stem cell research?

If an institution, such as a hospital, is required to have contraceptives on hand ONLY if they are requested for use by a patient, what is your conflict about it?  There is no forced use.  It is Constitutional.

What would you do if the Moslem Brotherhood were democrtically elected in an Islamic nation?

Do the Palestinians have a right to their own nation?  How would you help achieve that?

We talk about democracy yet we support horrible regimes in Yemen, a family oligarchy in Saudia Arabia, etc.  Should we be working for regime change to more democratic governments in these nations?

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