OMG, We deserve better!

I don't know, maybe it is our own fault.  Maybe our political and historical ignorance has caused it.  Maybe our own bigotry and insensitivity have brought it to be.  Whatever the cause, it seems obvious that the four top offices in the U.S. should go to people far better qualified than those we must give our vote.

I carefully watched the Presidential  and Vice-Presidential debates.  Not much there.  A leading nation in the world can do better than those guys.  A leading nation in the world MUST do better.

Obama, Romney, Biden, Ryan all looked less than adequate for the major tasks at hand.  Perhaps this may be the best that money can buy in an economic-political-social oligarchy.

The promise afforded us with the election of Obama-Biden has fallen far short of the mark.  The lies and deceptions of the ever-changing duo of Romney-Ryan are disgusting. 

Where are the Washingtons, Lincolns, FDRs, etc.?  How can it be that we are offered such insufficient and inadequate "leaders"?

Are our own values, principles, and standards so low that we end up with the likes of the candidates we must choose from in November?

We are duped, and we dupe ourselves that one of the candidates is worthy of the high office ahead.  Given a choice between two light-weights, we are "comforted" by making "our" selection.  Sad.

It appears that it may take a major calamity, a major catastrophe to wake us up and demand more.  We already had the absolute disaster of the George W. Bush eight years, and the disappointment of the Barack Obama four years.  For heaven's sake, what will it take for us to come to our senses and demand quality, honesty, leadership, insight, etc. in our President?  I'm personally sick and tired of seeing us sold out to power groups in each election.  America is for sale to the highest bidder and I don't like it one bit.

How in the heck can we take any comfort in assertively announcing that we are a Democrat or Republican?  Yes, there may be a miniscule difference, a leaning in one direction or the other, but in sum, we have had a series of disasters with the leadeship offered to us.  Can anyone honestly say that George W. Bush had any intellect or insight?  He was for sale, and the highest bidders were from the extreme right-wing.  Then Bush was followed into the White House by Barack Obama, who does not seem to have a clue what real leadership requires.  The United States of America deserves better ...much better.

An individual citizen in the U.S. is up against it.  Even if he/she is aware of the low level of leaders presented to us, what to do about it?  The money is stacked against you.  For some time now, American politics is limited to the very wealthy and to power-lobbying groups.  One gets the feeling of being isolated and alone in a desert with no oasis anywhere in sight.

The great American experiment, the great American dream, the promise of America have all begun to vanish in an ocean of money-funded influence.  Do you get the feeling that you do not matter anymore?

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