Amidst all the platitudes, cliches, and niceties we are fed regularly by the media and all that appears on radio and TV that is purchased by wealthy individuals and huge corporate conglomerates, Americans are lulled and duped into thinking that these economic and political swings are normal.  If you do not know historical accuracy, you accept all this as normal.  You stand by and surrender to your wealthy masters.

We have no clue that today both major American political parties are right of center.  The Democrats have yielded/surrendered/ceded their progressive stance to more conservative forces, and the Republicans have moved farther and farther to the right.  What we are left with is a nation whose political, economic, and social face is now accepted as that of "true" Americana.  We, without realizing it, are  now beholden to a greed that uses flavoriings from whatever movement will give them more special favors and sweetheart deals.

As a result we have a strange stew of pentacostals, evangelicals, Roman Catholics, libertarians, corporations, lobbyists, military-industrial greed, fascists, very wealthy, bigotry, militarists, ad infinitum, running our nation.  And since the majority of Americans have been duped and have no clue this is happening, they see no need for openness and honesty from our political representatives and hopefuls.

To Americans, this is all accepted, though not necessarily acceptable.  We are suffering.  The American Dream has been sacrificed on the altar of greed and wealth.  Nothing is beyond what these greedy individuals and corporations will do to give themselves favors.  The government has become the fountain from which all special gifts flow.  You have been beaten to the fountain by the pushy and rich right-wingers.  They have no compassion or empathy; in fact, those are considered dirty words.  Everything that the government funds that is not a handout to the wealthy and big corporations is called "welfare" or "socialism."

These right-wing, wealthy, greedy fanatics will do anything to get their special "take" from the pot of gold called the United States Budget appropriations.  This right-wing cabal loves to talk about things that get them votes from one segment of our society or other.  Abortion is bad, even in the case of rape or incest or to save the life of the mother.  Government loans to help you rise up and get a college education is bad, and if you need help just ask your parents.  The right-wing tells us Americans have come to accept many entitlements and therfore 47% of these poor and middle class people are greedy.  What a foundation to build a nation!  Where is the morality; where are the ethics?  Where is reason and insight?  How insensitive can a human being get?  Is this what we allow our wealthy to do to us?  Is this what corporations are for?  Is this how we build America?  Is this what the poor and middle class fought so hard to achieve?  How did it come to be that all of our important freedoms and bases of equality have somehow evolved to mostly serve the rich?

How could we have squandered the American Dream?  How could we have ignored our democratic fight and sacrificed that what is ihherent in our history?  How could we be such dupes and lackies to stand by and allow this to grow?  What has happened to the voice of democratic America?  How could we allow a rich and greedy oligarchy to take over the United States of America?

In the recent presidential debate, did  you see anyone on the stage who represented a middle ground of equality and freedom?  The tilt to the right is destroying America.

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