Criticism? First, know your history

 Perhaps the greatest anger and critical rants that I receive come from people who believe the mythology about the United States; they have drunk the Kool-Aid.  There is nothing more viscious than a right-winger who thinks God and all the forces of the world are on his or her side.  Exhibit A might be Timothy McVeigh.  He was so incensed by the federal government that he chose to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City and kill hundreds of his fellow citizens.  THAT is homegrown terrorism.  But it gets worse.

The real terrorism that is being foisted on the U.S. is also by its own citizens.  Greed mixed with wealth is doing its best to punish the poor and middle class for not being millionaires.  There is absolutely no excuse for not being rich.  And because you are not rich and greedy, the right-wing wants to choose to take away a few precious crumbs of yours so the rich and greedy can receive yet more tax breaks and special favors.  Look at the federal budget.  The military-industrial complex gets the most.  Republican President Eisenhower warned us about the greed of the military-industrial complex.  Who do you suppose benefits most from the huge Pentagon budget?   Ex-CEO of Halliburton, V.P. Dick Cheney, saw to it that his old company got many sweetheart and non-bid contracts.  It is happening right now, this minute.

Maybe even more pathetic are the people who buy into this greedy mythology.  The lackies who somehow feel that if they rub elbows with the greed mythology they, too, will be accepted and made rich.  Huh?

Adding to the mythology is that somehow every rich person has become rich because of hard work, intellect, etc.  Please, get a grip on yourself!  In your strange fiction this then includes Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, lottery winners, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Mitt Romney, ad infinitum.  Stop, please, and THINK.

Inheritance plays as much of a role as intellect ...for sure!  Luck.  Deviousness.  Taking advantage of others.

The United States of America is a great nation.  But we are great only if we have our "greatness" in some perspective.  The greatest aspects of the history of the U.S. have been when we OVERCAME the handcuffs of slavery, no vote for women, no vote unless you owned land, stealing land from American Indians, stealing land from Mexico, abusing child laborers, hatred against the "other" [included in  that group at one time or another would be Italians, Irish, Polish, Catohlics, etc., and, of course, African Americans and HIspanics], rape of the environment by corporations, war mongering, torturing others, etc.  Nobody just handed us equality and freedom, we had to fight for it, and usually against greed and wealth.  Common Americans had to scrape and scrimp and fight for every inch of freedom from greed and wealth that had imposed upon us restrictions, unfair labor practices, bigotry, and now have imposed a tax system that favors the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class.  Class warfare, as is almost always the case, has been started and waged by the upper class.  This, too, is all part of the history of our great nation.  We cannot allow ourselves to be taken advantage of by the same upper crust.  This is what is now playing out in all aspects of American life today.  Be on-guard.

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